Cisco Jabber for Windows 9.0.4 Release Notes
Release and General Information
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Release and General Information

Release and General Information

Cisco Jabber for Windows

System and Network Requirements

For information regarding system and network requirements, see the Plan for Installation chapter of the Cisco Jabber for Windows Installation and Configuration Guide at:


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New in this Release

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Important Changes

On-Premises Integration with UDS

As of version 9.0.4, you must specify UDS as the value for the DirectoryServerType parameter in your Cisco Jabber for Windows configuration file.

For more information about the DirectoryServerType parameter, see the Directory Configuration topic in the Configure Cisco Jabber for Windows chapter of the Cisco Jabber for Windows Administration Guide.

Deployments with Enhanced Directory Integration are not affected by this change. EDI is the default value for the DirectoryServerType parameter in version 9.0.4.

CTI Gateways for CSF Devices

As of version 9.0.4, Cisco Jabber for Windows no longer requires CTI gateways for CSF devices.

New and Improved Features

On-Premises Integration with Cisco WebEx Meeting Center

Cisco Jabber for Windows now supports integration with Cisco WebEx Meeting Center in an on-premises deployment. For information about setting up Cisco WebEx Meeting Center, see the Integrate with Cisco WebEx Meeting Center section in the Cisco Jabber for Windows Environment Configuration Guide.


As of this release, the client integrates directly with Cisco WebEx Meeting Center. Cisco WebEx Meeting Center must be able to verify user credentials. The client does not currently support authentication redirection to any identity provider, including on-premises deployments of Cisco Unified MeetingPlace.

Device Descriptions

Cisco Jabber for Windows now displays descriptions for desk phone devices. These descriptions enable users to tell the difference between multiple desk phone devices of the same model.

Environment Configuration Guide

The Cisco Jabber for Windows documentation set has been updated to include the Cisco Jabber for Windows Environment Configuration Guide. This document provides task-based workflows to help you set up and configure server side infrastructure to deploy Cisco Jabber for Windows. The chapters for setting up on-premises and cloud-based environments have been removed from the Cisco Jabber for Windows Administration Guide.