Advanced Features Guide for Cisco Jabber for Windows Version 9.1.1 and Later
Other Features
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Other Features

Other Features

Show the Docked Window

You can optionally show the docked window at the top of your screen to quickly access common functions.

    Step 1   Open the main window.
    Step 2   Select View > Show docked window.

    Deselect this option to hide the docked window.

    Use global keyboard shortcuts to quickly search for contacts and start conversations.
    Keyboard shortcut Function
    CTRL + Shift + ? Access the search or call menu in the docked window.

    You can use this shortcut to access the docked window from other applications.

    Tab Toggle between menus on the docked window.

    Create Custom Tabs

    You can create custom tabs to show HTML content in the main window.

      Step 1   Select File > New > Custom Tab.

      The Create new custom tab dialog opens.

      Step 2   Add details for your custom tab in the following fields:
      Tab name

      Enter an optional name for your custom tab. The name displays when you hover your cursor over the tab.

      Page URL
      Enter the URL of the content for your custom tab. You can enter one of the following:
      • Hosted content, for example,
      • Local content, for example, file://C:\workspace\page.html
      Step 3   Select Create.

      The custom tab is added to the main window.

      What to Do Next

      To remove custom tabs, select the tab in the main window and then select File > Remove custom tab.


      You can remove only the custom tabs that you create.