Advanced Features Guide for Cisco Jabber for Windows Version 9.1.1 and Later
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Add Meeting Accounts

You can add Cisco WebEx sites to Cisco Jabber to quickly start, join, and manage online conferences.

    Step 1   Select File > Options.

    The Options window opens.

    Step 2   Select the Meetings tab and then select Edit account.
    Step 3   Select New Site from the WebEx Site drop-down list.
    Step 4   Enter the required settings in the following fields:
    WebEx site
    The name of the Cisco WebEx site, for example,
    Your username
    Your password

    Integrate Your Calendar

    Set up calendar integration to view your meetings and calendar events directly from Cisco Jabber.

      Step 1   Select File > Options.

      The Options window opens.

      Step 2   Select the Integration tab.
      Step 3   Select the application you use to organize your calendar.
      Step 4   Select File > Exit to close Cisco Jabber.
      Step 5   Restart Cisco Jabber.

      What to Do Next

      If you integrate with Google Calendar, you must allow access.

      Integrate with Google Calendar

      Complete the additional steps to integrate with Google Calendar.


      Integration with Google Calendar is currently an experimental feature.

      Allow Access to Google Calendar

      When Cisco Jabber restarts, a Google Calendar Sign In window opens. You must enter your account details so that Cisco Jabber can access events in Google Calendar.

      Before You Begin

      Select Google Calendar on the Integration tab and restart Cisco Jabber.

        Step 1   Enter your Google account username and password and then select Sign in.

        A prompt displays to notify you that Cisco Jabber is requesting permission to manage your calendar.

        Step 2   Select Allow access.
        Step 3   If prompted, select Yes to continue running scripts on the page.

        The first time you allow access to your Google Calendar, you might notice an error message that indicates an error occurs with scripts on the page.

        The Google Calendar Sign In window closes.

        Step 4   On the main Cisco Jabber window, select the Meetings tab on the left side navigation.

        Cisco Jabber displays calendar events from your Google Calendar account.

        Remove Google Calendar Integration

        You can remove Google Calendar integration with Cisco Jabber. To completely remove Google Calendar integration, you should also revoke access from your Google account.

          Step 1   Open the main Cisco Jabber window.
          Step 2   Select File > Options and then select the Integration tab.
          Step 3   Select None and then select OK.
          Step 4   Restart Cisco Jabber.

          Cisco Jabber no longer displays events from Google Calendar.

          What to Do Next

          Open your Google Accounts page and revoke access for Cisco Jabber in the Authorized Access to your Google Account section.