Advanced Features Guide for Cisco Jabber for Windows Version 9.1.1 and Later
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Adjust Contact Lists

You can arrange and organize your contacts.

Select View and then choose from the following options:
Option Description
Show contact pictures Select this option to show contact pictures.

Deselect this option to hide contact pictures.

Show offline contacts Select this option to show all contacts.

Deselect this option to show only contacts who are logged in.

Sort contact by name Select this option to arrange contacts alphabetically by name.
Sort contact by status Select this option to arrange contacts by their availability states.

Add External Contacts

Cisco Jabber lets you add contacts from chat applications such as Google Talk or Microsoft Lync.

Your system administrator must enable this feature. If you cannot add external contacts, ask your system administrator for help.

    Step 1   Select File > New > Contact.
    Step 2   Enter the email address of your contact.
    Step 3   Select a contact group.
    Step 4   Select Add.