Advanced Features Guide for Cisco Jabber for Windows Version 9.1.1 and Later
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Create Personal Status Messages

Cisco Jabber has three default messages to show availability status:
  • Available
  • Away
  • Do not disturb
You can create personal status messages to replace the default messages and tell your contacts what you are doing at a glance.


Cisco Jabber saves the three most recent personal status messages for each state. You can select your status messages from the drop-down list on the main window.

    Step 1   Insert your cursor in the status message field on the main window.
    Step 2   Enter your personal status message.
    Step 3   Press the Enter key on your keyboard.

    Cisco Jabber displays your personal status message.

    Use Grayscale Status Icons

    Grayscale status icons are monochrome and use symbols to show availability status.

    The following table shows standard and grayscale status icons:
    Standard Status Icon Grayscale Status Icon Default Availability State



    Do Not Disturb


    To show grayscale status icons, select View > Show status in grayscale.


    In some versions of Cisco Jabber, you select View > Accessible presence.

    Cisco Jabber displays grayscale status icons.