Advanced Features Guide for Cisco Jabber for Windows Version 9.1.1 and Later
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Welcome to the Advanced Features Guide for Cisco Jabber for Windows.

Cisco has designed Jabber for Windows to be intuitive and easy to use. The purpose of this guide is not to describe every feature that Cisco Jabber offers. This guide provides task-based help for some features for which you might need some help or explanation.

If you are new to Cisco Jabber for Windows, you should do the following before you get started with this guide:

  1. Learn about instant messaging and availability features. Watch the video at:
  2. Learn about making voice calls with Cisco Jabber. Watch the video at:
  3. Review and understand the following:
    • How to use chat and call controls.
    • How to use sharing features such as taking screen captures or transferring files.
    Review the Quick Start Guide at:


This guide helps you learn how to:
Share Your Status with Others

Let your contacts know if you are available to chat, in a meeting, or too busy to talk.

Organize and Add Contacts

Adjust your contact list and add your friends and family.

Use Chats to Communicate

Learn how to quickly create group chats and control your privacy settings.

Make Calls and Adjust Your Settings

Forward calls and use other numbers. Change the volume on calls and organize your video cameras.

Use Meetings and Calendars

Add a meetings account to instantly start and join conferences. View your calendar to stay on top of meetings and events.