Cisco Voice Log Translator 2.7(8) User Guide
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The following table lists troubleshooting techniques for Cisco VLT.

Table 1 Troubleshooting Cisco VLT


Possible Cause

Recommended Action

Cisco VLT on a Windows 2000 Server platform cannot be launched using a remote desktop tool

Some Cisco VLT system environment variables are not activated during the same windows-terminal service session when Cisco VLT is installed on a Windows 2000 Server platform

Log off and log on again to activate the environment variables

You can display raw messages but not simple-translation or detailed-translation messages

The messages or their protocols are unsupported


A list of messages shows only those calls at the beginning or end of a call flow

Calls in the call flow span multiple log files

Display the first log file in the call flow then append subsequent log files (See the Displaying a List of Trace Log Messages

The display does not list all possible call criteria

Cisco VLT displays only information that is available and appropriate for the protocol and message type. For example, Cisco VLT does not display CallRef information for SCCP Keepalive messages because those messages do not contain such information


The display shows odd characters

The Windows platform may not be set to run the English version

Install English Windows and set the locale to English