Packaged CCE Administration Guide for Release 9.0(x)
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This guide is prepared for:
  • Contact center administrators who configure and run the contact center, provide tools for the agents and supervisors, run reports that show contact center metrics, address operational issues, and maintain call routing scripts.
  • Contact center supervisors, who lead agent teams and are responsible for team performance. Supervisors can re-skill and can change attributes for agents on their teams and can add and remove agents from teams. Supervisors can view supervisory reports to ensure that Service Level Agreement is being met and can review agent metrics such as login time and time spent on calls.


This guide introduces the Packaged CCE web administration interface and explains each tool on that interface. There is additional information on functionality—reporting, scripting, and legacy Configuration Manager–that is relevant and available to Packaged CCE.


This guide is written with the understanding that Packaged CCE has been deployed by a partner or service provider who has validated its deployment type and verified that your contact center can receive and send calls and has functional virtual machines and a fully operational database.

There is no assumption that administrators or supervisors have expertise in VMWare or with Cisco contact center applications.

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