Installing and Configuring Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise 9.0(x)
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During the lifespan of a release, software patches become available that, when applied, add new features and correct or simplify existing features. This section documents upgrades since the initial release of Packaged CCE. Refer to Packaged CCE Release Notes for details on the contents of each patch.

  • The Unified CCE 9.0(2) patch, released in September 2012, upgrades Packaged CCE software from Release 9.0(1) to Release 9.0(2).
  • The Engineering Special (ES Upgrade), which must be applied after the Unified CCE 9.0(2) patch, prepares your Packaged CCE system to accept the Cisco Unified Intelligence Center 9.0(x) software.

Upgrade to Release 9.0(2)

Customers who are using Packaged CCE 9.0(1) and decide they want to upgrade to Packaged CCE 9.0(2) need to obtain the UCCE 9.0(2) patch from the Support > Downloads area of You must install the patch on both CCE Call Servers, both CCE Data Servers, and on any external HDS servers.

Before you do this, check to see if you are already at Unified CCE Version 9.0.2.

The Unified CCE Version is displayed on the General tab of the Home menu in the Unified CCE Administration Web tool.

Upgrade Installation for 9.0(2) ES

Download the 9.0(2) ES Upgrade

The Engineering Special (ES) is a software patch that prepares your Packaged CCE system to accept the Cisco Unified Intelligence Center 9.0(x) software. This patch must be installed on Packaged CCE version 9.0(2) before upgrading from Unified Intelligence Center 8.5(4) to Unified Intelligence Center 9.0(2).


Customers who are currently using Packaged CCE 9.0(1) must upgrade to Packaged CCE 9.0(2) before installing the ES patch. For more information, see the section Upgrade to Release 9.0(2).

Download the Packaged CCE ES patch and installation instructions from here: http:/​/​​cisco/​software/​special/​release.html?config=31017c0a473c66b3fdcbf9cda8a72fbf.