Release Notes for Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise Release 9.0(1)
Packaged Contact Center Enterprise Release Notes
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Packaged Contact Center Enterprise Release Notes

Packaged Contact Center Enterprise Release Notes

Product Documentation

For all Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise 9.0(1) documentation, see the Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise product support page:

Antivirus Software

Packaged Contact Center Enterprise supports Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.

Be aware that the firewall component of Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1, the Network Threat Protection feature, must be disabled. If the feature is enabled, both sides of a duplexed router come up in simplex mode, thus blocking communication between each side of a router. This blocking impacts all deployment types.

The problem occurs if you install Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 and leave the default settings. If you start services on side A and B of the router, a Symantec message pops up in the system tray indicating: The client will block traffic from IP address [side A router address] for the next 600 seconds(s). The same message is also written to the security log in client management. The Symantec Network Threat Protection traffic log indicates that a default firewall rule called “Block_all” was dynamically enabled. The result, according to the router logs, is that both sides of the router come up in simplex mode.

To resolve the issue, you must disable the Symantec firewall and restart both sides of the router. To do this, double click the Symantec icon in the system tray and select Change Settings. Then configure settings for Network Threat Protection and uncheck the Enable Firewall checkbox at the top of the Firewall tab.


Unified Customer Voice Portal (Unified CVP) Reporting Server

In Packaged CCE 9.0(1), you can install an optional VM for the Unified Customer Voice Portal (Unified CVP) Reporting Server. This server enables you to use the Courtesy Callback feature and run the CVP reports for Courtesy Callback. It also allows you to do IVR application reporting.

However, before the Unified CVP Reporting Server is set up, the deployment type must be changed and System Validation must be run. Note that while these actions are required in Packaged CCE 9.0(1), the issue will be resolved in release 9.0(2).

Unified Communications Manager (Unified CM) Publisher and Subscribers VMs

In Packaged Contact Center Enterprise 9.0(1), the Unified Communications Manager (Unified CM) publisher and subscribers VMs are not required to be on the Side A or B ESXi hosts for execution. However, they are required for the System Validation that must be run before the deployment type can be changed to PCCE.

In order to run the Unified CM publisher and subscribers on separate hardware, you will need the upcoming maintenance release, Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise 9.0(2).


Cisco Release Notes normally include tables listing all defects of the following severity levels:

  • 1 or 2
  • 3 (if found by customer use)

Defects are either Open or Resolved (fixed).

Table 1 Open defects in this release
Identifier Component Severity Headline
CSCua81861 scripteditor 2 Queue To Agent should not require Ent Route or Ent Skill Group for PCCE
CSCua44856 documentation 3 CTIOS Dev Guide should say dumpargs does not work with call vars
CSCua44869 documentation 3 trace mask for callvariable logging needs to be documented
CSCua25108 outbound 3 Blank CallingDeviceID in any Inbound call to CTISvr drops Dialer calls
CSCua29106 web.setup 3 Websetup for Logger doesnt define public medium addresss
CSCua36577 outbound 3 baDialer minidump when attempting a call back
CSCua40900 ctios.server 3 EnablementMask incorrect when caller hangs up before NR agent answers
CSCua40936 ctios.server 3 Wrong CTIOS enablement mask when Silent Monitor ends after the call
CSCua41675 documentation 3 Database Schema Handbook updates to clarify why null values
CSCua43144 pg.opc 3 PG OPC does not generate agent outbound option completed tasks data

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Access the Bug Search tool at Enter the bug identifier in the search box and press return or click Search.


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