Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise Reporting User Guide, Release 10.0(1)
Cisco Unified Intelligence Center
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Cisco Unified Intelligence Center

Introduction to Cisco Unified Intelligence Center

Cisco Unified Intelligence Center is a reporting platform for the users of Cisco Contact Center products.

As a reporting user, you can use Cisco Unified Intelligence Center to perform these tasks:

  • Create and view reports
  • Filter data in a report
  • Schedule reports to run at selected intervals
  • Create and view dashboards
  • View permalinks for reports and dashboards

Stock Reports

The following report bundles are available as stock reports for Cisco Unified Intelligence Center:

  • Realtime and Historical Transitional templates - Introductory templates designed for new users. These templates are simplified versions of the All Fields templates, and are similar to templates available in other contact center solutions.
  • Realtime and Historical All Fields templates - Templates that provide data from all fields in a database. These templates are most useful as a basis for creating custom reports, and include templates for precision queue routing data..
  • Realtime and Historical Outbound templates - Templates for reporting on Outbound Option activity. Import these templates if your deployment includes Outbound Option.
  • Realtime and Historical Cisco SocialMiner templates - Templates for reporting on SocialMiner activity. Import these templates if your deployment includes SocialMiner.
  • Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Admin Security templates - Templates to report on Cisco Unified Intelligence Server audit trails, permissions, and template ownership.

The report bundles are available as downloads from (http:/​/​​download/​release.html?mdfid=282163829&softwareid=284697222&release=10.0.1&relind=AVAILABLE&rellifecycle=&reltype=latest.) Depending on how it was deployed, your installation of Unified Intelligence Center may include all or a subset of these reports. Additionally, sample custom report templates are available from the Cisco Developer Network (http:/​/​​web/​ccr/​documentation.)

For information on importing report bundles or custom reports, see the Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Report Customization Guide at http:/​/​​en/​US/​products/​ps9755/​tsd_​products_​support_​series_​home.html.

Customize report templates

You can modify existing report templates or create custom reports templates if you find that the stock report templates do not meet your reporting needs. For example, you might create a custom report template to view data from the Route_Call_Detail table or Termination_Call_Detail table. While these tables provide detailed data for calls, in some cases, standard (stock) report templates do not retrieve data from them due to performance impact.

You might also customize an existing report template to monitor a department's activity and performance, by creating a collection with objects from only that department.

See the Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Report Customization Guide at http:/​/​​en/​US/​products/​ps9755/​tsd_​products_​support_​series_​home.html for directions on customizing report templates.