Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise Administration and Configuration Guide, Release 10.0(1)
Manage supervisors
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Manage Supervisors

Manage Supervisors

You can configure agents to have supervisor status for voice contacts.

Supervisors have both agent credentials and supervisor Active Directory credentials but are not in an AD security group. They use their supervisor AD credentials to run reports on the teams they supervise. They use their agent credentials to sign in to Unified CCE Administration, and they have limited access to tools on the Manage menu.

With Supervisor status, agents can perform the following tasks:

  • Supervise multiple teams and can be both a supervisor and a member of a team.
  • Generate reports and view data for the teams they supervise and the agents on those teams.
  • Use a supervisor desktop to barge-in, intercept, silently monitor, and log out agents.
  • Join an agent/customer call to assist on a consultative or emergency basis. (The agent's ability to request supervisor assistance is a setting on the Desk Settings.)
  • Change the attributes, skill groups, and passwords of agents who are on teams they supervise.

To configure supervisors in Unified CCE Administration, go to Unified CCE Administration Manage > Agent > Agents. Select an agent and click the Supervisor tab.

Supervisor Access and Permissions

Supervisors can access tools on the Manage menu, as follows:

Tool Permissions


On the Agent List window, supervisors can see and edit settings for the agents that they supervise.
  • General tab: Supervisors can edit the agent's password. Other fields are read-only.
  • Attributes tab: Supervisors can add, modify, and remove attributes for agents on teams they supervise.
  • Skill Groups tab: Supervisors can add and remove the agent's membership in skill groups and can change the agent's default skill group.
  • Supervisor tab: Read-only for supervisors.
Supervisors can also change skill group assignments for up to 50 agents at once by selecting the agents on the Agent List window, and then clicking Edit > Skill Groups.
Note    If a supervisor attempts to make numerous membership changes at once (in excess of 3500 in a single save), the system alerts the supervisor of attempting too many changes in a single operation.



Precision Queues


Skill Groups

On the Skill Group List window, supervisors can see and edit membership for skill groups. Supervisors cannot add or delete skill groups.
  • General tab: Fields are read-only.
  • Members tab: Supervisors can add and remove skill groups for agents who are on teams they supervise.



Add Supervisor Status to an Agent

This procedure explains how to create a supervisor. For information on maintaining supervisors, see Update Objects and Delete Objects.

The agent to whom you are adding supervisor status must already exist in Active Directory.

In Unified CCE Administration, go to Unified CCE Administration Manage > Agent > Agents.

    Step 1   Create a new agent or edit an existing agent. See Add and Maintain Agents.

    The department that is associated with the agent applies to the supervisor.

    Step 2   Click the Supervisor tab.
    Step 3   Check Is Supervisor to configure this agent as a Supervisor.
    Step 4   From the Supervisor Domain drop-down menu, select the domain for this supervisor.
    Step 5   Enter the unique Active Directory username for this supervisor.
    Step 6   Select the teams for this supervisor:
    1. Click Add next to List of Supervised Teams to open Add Supervised Teams. If the supervisor is associated with a department, you see only teams associated with that department in the list. If the supervisor is a global supervisor, you see both global and departmental teams in the list.
    2. Click the team name to add the team.
    Step 7   Click Save to create the supervisor.