Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise Installation and Upgrade Guide, Release 10.0(x)
Set Deployment Type
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Set Deployment Type

Set Deployment Type

Do this after you configure Unified Communications Manager and before you configure Unified Intelligence Center and Finesse.

Set Deployment Type

Before You Begin

The workflow for validating Packaged CCE PCCE-PAC-M1 and building the system inventory requires you to enter credentials for system components.

    Step 1   Point to https://<IP Address>/cceadmin/Container.jsp, where <IP Address> is the address of either CCE data server (the one on Side A or the one on Side B).
    Step 2   At the sign in page, enter the Active Directory username and password.

    This opens the Configure Deployment page, showing the default deployment type of Not Specified.

    Step 3   Select Packaged CCE: CCE-PAC-M1.
    Step 4   Enter fields for the IP address, the Username, and Password for the VMware hosts for Side A and Side B. Then click Next.

    The VMware hosts are the two UCS servers where the ESXi is installed. The ip address or hostname for the VMware hosts are assigned to the management network in ESXi. The username and password fields are the host login names and passwords configured in ESXi.

    Step 5   On the Specify Side A CM Information dialog box:
    • For an on-box Unified Communications Manager, select Unified CM Publisher from the drop-down menu. Then enter the AXL Username and Password.
    • For an external Unified Communications Manager deployment, enter the Unified CM Publisher Name and IP address. Then enter the AXL Username and Password.
    Step 6   On the Specify CVP Ops Console Server Information dialog, enter the CLI Username and Password for the Web Services manager. Then click Next.
    Step 7   At the Specify Unified CCE Data Server Information page, enter the Username and Password for the Unified CCE Diagnostic Framework Service and then click Next.

    These credentials must be for a domain user who is a member of the Config security group for the instance, and valid on all CCE components in your deployment (the Side A and B Unified CCE Data Servers and the Side A and B Unified CCE Call Servers).

    This opens a Congratulations screen.

    Step 8   Click Finish.

    This opens the System Inventory page.