Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise Installation and Upgrade Guide, Release 10.0(x)
Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal Reporting Server
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Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal Reporting Server

Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal Reporting Server

This chapter contains the configuration procedures you must perform to configure the Unified Voice Portal Reporting Server.

The Unified CVP Reporting VM is required for customers who use Courtesy Callback and who want to run Unified CVP IVR callback application reports.

Configure CVP Reporting Server in CVP OAMP

    Step 1   On the Unified CVP OAMP server, go to Start > Programs > Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal > Operations Console.
    Step 2   When the Operations Console page opens, login.
    Step 3   Navigate to Device Management > Unified CVP Reporting Server.
    Step 4   Click Add New.
    Step 5   Enter the IP Address and hostname of the Reporting Server.
    Step 6   Move all Unified CVP Call Servers from Available to Selected.
    Step 7   Click Save and Deploy.

    Unified CVP Reporting Users

    Set Up Active Directory Server for LDAP Users

    Configure the Active Directory tab in the Administration console so that Unified CVP reporting users can log in to the Unified Intelligence Center reporting application with the user name and password that is defined in their domain.

      Step 1   In the Administration application, navigate to Cluster Configuration > Reporting Configuration and select the Active Directory tab.
      Step 2   Complete all fields on this page, referring to the online help for guidance.
      Step 3   Click Test Connection.
      Step 4   When the connection is confirmed, click Save.

      Obtain Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal Report Templates

      For Packaged CCE, import the Callback reports only.

      To import Unified CVP report templates complete the following:

        Step 1   On the Unified CVP Reporting Server, click Start.
        Step 2   In the search box, type %CVP_HOME%\CVP_Reporting_Templates and press Enter.
        Step 3   Compress only the Callback reports into a zip folder and copy it to the system from which you will run Unified Intelligence Center Administraton.

        Create Data Source for Cisco Unified CVP Report Data

        Perform the following procedure to create a data source.

          Step 1   Log in to the Unified Intelligence Center at http://{hostname of CUIC Publisher}:8444/cuic.
          Step 2   Select the Data Sources drawer to open the Data Sources page.
          Step 3   Click Create to open an Add Data Source window.
          Step 4   Complete fields on this page as follows:




          Enter the name of this data source.

          Report Designers and Report Definition Designers do not have access to the Data Sources page but can see the list of Data Sources when they create custom reports. To benefit those users, give a new Data Source a meaningful name.


          Enter a description for this data source.


          Choose Informix.


          Type is disabled in Edit mode.

          Database Host

          Enter the IP address or Domain Name System (DNS) name for the server.


          Enter the port number. Typically, the port is 1526.

          You may have to open this port in the CVP Reporting Server firewall (Window Firewall > Inbound rules > new rule).

          Database name

          Use the database name callback for stock callback reports.


          Specify the instance name of the desired database. By default, this is cvp.


          Choose the correct time zone for the data stored in the database. In locations that change from Standard Time to Daylight Savings Time, this time zone is updated automatically.

          Database User ID

          Enter the user ID of the Reporting User who is configured in the Operations Console to access the Unified CVP reporting database.

          Password and Confirm Password

          Enter and confirm the password for the database user.


          Choose UTF-8.

          Default Permissions

          View or edit the permissions for this datasource for My Group and for the All Users group.

          Step 5   Click Test Connection.

          If the status is not Online, review the error message to determine the cause and edit the data source accordingly.

          Step 6   Click Save to close the Add Data Source window.

          The new data source appears on the Data Sources list.

          Import CVP Report Templates in Unified Intelligence Center

          Packaged CCE supports the Callback reports only. Do not import other reports.

            Step 1   Launch the Unified Intelligence Center web application at https://<HOST ADDRESS of CUIC Publisher>:8444/cuic
            Step 2   Click Reports.
            Step 3   Right-click the top Reports folder and select Create Sub-Category.
            Step 4   Name the new sub-category as a container for Unified CVP reports. Click OK.
            Step 5   Click Import Report.
            Step 6   Browse to the location where you copied the Unified CVP Reporting templates file and select the file. Then click OK.
            Step 7   In the Save To field, navigate to and select the sub-category that you made in Step 3.
            Step 8   Click Import.
            Step 9   From the Data source for Report Definition drop down list, choose the Data source you created to access the Unified CVP Reporting database.
            Step 10   Click Import.