Pre-installation Planning Guide for Cisco Unified ICM Enterprise and Hosted Release 9.0(1)
Site Preparation
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Site Preparation


Site Preparation

Once you have provisioned IXC access, ordered the required ACD/PBX options, ordered the server platform, and determined your data communications requirements, you can begin preparing for the arrival of the Unified ICM equipment. You need to prepare each site that is to contain Unified ICM equipment. The sites must have adequate power facilities, security, and space for equipment layout.

Be sure to consider the following site preparation tasks:

  • Meet basic site requirements. Prepare for the arrival of equipment; provide a secure staging area; ensure that sites are ready for occupancy; order and assemble equipment racks.
  • Design a floor plan for each site. Consider operator workspace, cabling distribution, and maintenance access to Unified ICM nodes.
  • Meet the power and environmental requirements at each site. Review the server hardware documentation for specifics on power and environmental requirements.
  • Provide adequate security for the Unified ICM system. Allow only authorized access to the Unified ICM system and any backed-up data.
  • Determine additional cabling or other equipment required. You may need equipment such as rack-mounting hardware or an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).
  • Order any additional cabling or equipment. Order any additional equipment in time for the arrival of the Unified ICM system components.