Configuration Guide for Cisco Unified Intelligent Contact Management/Contact Center Enterprise & Hosted Release 9.0(1)
Unified CCE Administration
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Unified CCE Administration

Unified CCE Administration

Unified CCE Administration is a web-based user interface available in Release 9.0(1) that contains multiple applications that users can use to manage agents, calls, and bulk jobs, and settings.

A brief description of each application is provided here. For detailed information about each application, see the online help that accompanies each.


You can use the Agent applications to configure the following:

  • Agents
  • Attributes
  • Desk settings
  • Reason codes
  • Skill groups
  • Teams


You can use the Calls applications to configure the following:

  • Bucket intervals
  • Call types
  • Dialed numbers
  • Expanded call variables
  • Network VRU scripts

Bulk jobs

You can use Bulk jobs to create and edit multiple individual agent and dialed number records in a single operation, based on the data specified in a content file.


You can use the Settings applications to configure deployment and agent trace settings.

Configure Unified CCE Administration for remote access

To access Unified CCE Administration remotely using Internet Explorer, you must add the configuration sever address to the list of trusted sites.

    Step 1   Launch Internet Explorer.
    Step 2   Go to Tools > Internet Options.
    Step 3   Select the Security Tab.
    Step 4   Select Trusted Sites.
    Step 5   Click the Sites button.
    Step 6   In the Add this website to the zone, type in the configuration server address as : https://<IP address or FQDN>.
    Step 7   Click the Add button.
    Step 8   Click the Close button.
    Step 9   Click the OK button.