Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Developer Reference Release 10.0(x)
Dialed Number API
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Dialed Number API

Dialed Number API

Dialed numbers are string values used to select the appropriate routing script so that a voice call or a non-voice task (such as an email or a request for a web chat) can be delivered to an agent.

Use the Dialed Number API to list or view the dialed numbers currently defined in the database.




  • get: Returns one dialed number, using the URL https://<server>/unifiedconfig/config/dialednumber/<id>.
  • list: Retrieves a list of Multichannel dialed numbers.


  • dialedNumberString: Required. Value used to route the call or direct the non-voice task. A unique string for the routing type. Maximum of 25 characters.
  • changeStamp: See Shared Parameters.
  • description: See Shared Parameters.
  • routingType: Specifies where a call or non-voice task request originates.
    • 1: External Voice. Calls come from Unified CVP. When creating a Dialed Number using this type, a dialed number database record is created for each Unified CVP routing client.
    • 2: Internal Voice. Calls come from a Unified CM phone.
    • 3: Outbound. Calls that come from the Outbound Option Dialer.
    • 4: Multichannel. Requests that come from an EIM/WIM or SocialMiner.
  • dialedNumberRecords: A collection of dialed number record entries each containing the id and name of a dialed number database record. Read-only.
  • mediaRoutingDomain: A reference to the media routing domain (Media Routing Domain API) for the dialed number. See References.

Search and Sort Values

The following table shows the parameters that are searched and the parameters that are sortable.

Search parameters Sort parameters
  • dialedNumberString
  • description
  • dialedNumberString (default)
  • description

See Search and Sort.

Advanced search parameters

The Dialed Number API also supports advanced search parameters, such as routing type.

  • routingType:<type> Finds all dialed numbers with the specified routing type value. Valid types match those in the routingType parameter.
    • routingType:1 Returns all dialed numbers with an external voice routing type.

Example Get Response

  <description>test dialed number</description>
    <name>calltype name</name>