Installation and Upgrade Guide for Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Release 9.1(1)
Administration Console Sign-In
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Administration Console Sign-In

Administration Console Sign-In

After you install the Controller, you must sign in to the Administration Console to perform tasks as explained in this chapter.


The tasks below are not applicable for a Live Data only deployment.

To sign in, open a browser and enter the URL for your Controller (http://<HostAddress>/oamp), where HostAddress is the host name or IP Address of the Controller. This opens the Administration Console.

Sign in using the System Application credentials.

Upload License

You have limited functionality on the Administration Console and no access to the Unified Intelligence Center Reporting interface until you upload the license file. To upload the license:
    Step 1   Sign in to the Administration Console and select Cluster Configuration > License Management.
    Step 2   Select Upload license file (Browse) and navigate to the local directory where your license is stored. Then click Apply License to load the license.

    Define Member Node in Administration Console

    If you intend to add a Member node, you must define the Member in the Administration console before you run the installation for the Member.

      Step 1   To access the Administration console, direct a browser to the URL http://<HOST ADDRESS>/oamp where HOST ADDRESS is the IP Address or Hostname of your server.
      Step 2   Sign in using the system application user ID and password that you defined during installation. Refer to your Configuration Worksheet.
      Step 3   From the panel in the left, select the Device Management drawer. Then select Device Configuration.
      Figure 1. Device Configuration

      The Device Configuration page shows the Controller that you have installed. Note that the hostname defaults to the alias CUIC1. (You can change it.)

      Step 4   On the Device Configuration page, click Add Member.
      Step 5   On the Device Configuration fields for the new Member, enter a name by which you can identify the Member, the hostname or IP address, and a description for the device.
      Step 6   Click Save.

      The Member appears on the Device Configuration list.

      Figure 2. Member Configured

      Verify Controller Is Synchronized with NTP Server

      Make sure that the Network Time Protocol (NTP) on the Controller node is synchronized with the NTP server before you install the Member node.

      To do this:

        Step 1   Access the Command Line Interface on the Controller node directly, by using the monitor and keyboard at the server console. At the login prompt:
        1. Enter the ID for the System Administrator user (created during Basic Install configuration).
        2. When prompted, enter the password for the System Administration user.
        Step 2   Enter this command: utils ntp status. The output must indicate that the node is synchronized with an NTP server. If the Controller node is not synchronized with an NTP server, the installation of the Member node will fail.

        Now that the Member is defined in Device Configuration and the NTP synchronization is verified, you can begin to configure and install that member. See Installation and Configuration for Member Node.