Installation and Upgrade Guide for Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Release 9.1(1)
Controller Configuration
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Controller Configuration

Controller Configuration

Complete Configuration for First Node

When you complete the basic install configuration and select Yes to indicate that you are installing the first node, perform the following steps to complete the configuration for the Controller.

The first screen you see is the Network Time Protocol Client Configuration screen.

This screen gives the option of setting the time for the first node (the Controller) from a time that you set on the Hardware Clock screen - or - from an external Network Time Protocol server that you define.

NTP server configuration is mandatory for Unified Intelligence Center installation over a Virtual Machine.


Network Time Protocol configuration is set for the first node. Other nodes set their time to the time on the first node.
    Step 1   Select Yes at the Network Time Protocol Client Configuration screen.

    The Network Time Protocol Client Configuration screen opens.

    Step 2   Enter the IP address, NTP server name, or NTP Server Pool name for at least one external NTP server.

    You can add up to five NTP servers and make changes to the NTP server list at a later time.

    Note    You should use a minimum of three external NTP servers.
    Step 3   When you complete the NTP configuration, select OK.

    The Security Configuration screen opens.

    Step 4   In the Security Configuration screen:
    1. Enter the Database Access Security password. This is the password that servers in the cluster use to communicate with each another. You must enter the same security password for all servers.
    2. Select OK to open the SMTP Host Configuration screen.
    Step 5   In the SMTP Host Configuration screen, select whether you want to configure an SMTP host to receive platform-level emails, for example, emails about certificate expiration. This field is optional. You will configure email for report scheduling in the Administration console.



    You want to configure an SMTP Host.

    Select Yes to open the second SMTP screen opens.

    Proceed to Step 6.

    You do not want to configure an SMTP Host.

    Select No to open the Application User Configuration screen.

    Proceed to Step 7.

    Step 6   In the second SMTP Host Configuration screen:
    1. Enter the hostname or IP address for the SMTP server.
    2. Select OK to open the Application User Configuration screen.
    Step 7   Complete the Application User Configuration screen. The application user for the Controller becomes the System Application User and the default Super User.
    Note    Although it is possible to enter unique Application User credentials on each installed node, you should enter the same Application User Name and password on all nodes. The Application User credentials entered during the Controller installation are the only ones recognized by Unified Intelligence Center.
    1. Enter the application username.
    2. Enter and confirm the application user password.
    3. Select OK to open the Platform Configuration Confirmation screen. This screen states that the platform configuration is complete.
    Step 8   In the Platform Configuration Confirmation screen, select OK.
    Step 9   The Installation begins.
    Note    If installing over a Virtual Machine, the system will display the following screen:
    Figure 1. Virtual Machine Install Screen

    Select Yes and click OK to continue installation. The system displays the following message: The system will reboot momentarily to continue with the installation.

    After the reboot, the system will automatically proceed with the installation.