Installation and Upgrade Guide for Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Release 9.0(1)
Unified Intelligence Center Licenses
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Unified Intelligence Center Licenses

Unified Intelligence Center Licenses

For Unified Intelligence Center installations on Virtual Machines, the license is locked to the licensing MAC of the Virtual Machine. The licensing MAC is different from the physical MAC address of the system. The licensing MAC string is generated during installation and is based on various input fields, such as the hostname, IP address, NTP server, and so forth.

A licensing MAC address change will require a new license. The license file is physically located on the Controller node and is distributed to all members nodes in the cluster through database replication.

There can be only one license installed on a system at any point in time.

Uploading the license file is the first action the System Application User must take after installing the Controller node.

After installation, and until the System Application User obtains and uploads a Standard or Premium license, he or she:

  • Can sign in to the Administration Console to view the Controller and to add the alias name.

  • Cannot perform other Administration Console functions.

  • Cannot sign in to the Unified Intelligence Center Reporting application.

  • Cannot install member nodes.

Acquire Your License

To acquire a license:

    Step 1   Go to the Cisco Product License Registration website at this URL: https:/​/​​SWIFT/​LicensingUI/​Home.
    Step 2   If you do not have a PAK, write to
    Step 3   Scroll to Unified Communications Products and click Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Version 8.0 Evaluation.
    Step 4   Enter your MAC address as a single string (with no spaces between the characters), accept the agreement, and enter your Registrant Information.

    In the case of Unified Intelligence Center installation over Virtual Machine, you need to provide the licensing MAC. See Locate MAC address.

    Step 5   Follow prompts to complete the registration pages.

    You will receive the license file in an email from Cisco Systems. When you receive it, save it locally in a location where it cannot be deleted by mistake or opened by an unauthorized person. In the event that your system becomes corrupted, you can browse to this location to upload the license file again.

    The same license file will be valid if you need to reapply it - unless you apply it to a new server with a new MAC address.


    License files are human-readable and can be opened. However, changing any text in the license file invalidates the license.

    Locate MAC Address

    You must supply the MAC address of the Controller node when you apply for a license to operate Unified IC.

    The MAC address appears online at the end of the installation. If you do not have time to write it down, you can find it through the Command Line Interface, once the install is complete, as follows:

      Step 1   Sign in, using the credentials of the System Administration user.
      Step 2   Enter this CLI Command: show status.

      Upload License

      Upload the license in the Unified IC Administration interface.

      To do this, select Cluster Configuration > License Management. Refer to the online help for instructions.

      Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Answer File Generator

      Unified Intelligence Center Answer File Generator, a web application, generates answer files for unattended Unified Intelligence Center installations. Individual answer files get copied to the root directory of a USB key or a floppy diskette and are used in addition to the Unified Intelligence Center DVD during the installation process.

      The web application supports the following features:
      • Allows simultaneous generation and saving of answer files for unattended installs on the publisher server and all subscriber servers.

      • Provides syntactical validation of data entries.

      • Provides online help and documentation.

      The following usage requirements apply:
      • The web application supports only fresh installs and does not support upgrades.

      • If DHCP client is being used on the publisher server, and subscriber server answer files are also being generated, you must specify the publisher server IP address.

      You can access the Cisco Unified Communications Answer File Generator at the following URL:


      The Cisco Unified Communications Answer File Generator supports Internet Explorer version 9.0, and Mozilla Firefox 24.0 and above.


      Cisco requires that you use USB keys that are compatible with Linux 2.4. You should use USB keys that are preformatted to be compatible with Linux 2.4 for the configuration file. These keys will have a W95 FAT32 format.