Installation and Upgrade Guide for Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Release 9.0(1)
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Installation duration

The installation can take from 60 to 75 minutes to complete and can run unattended for most of that time.

Installation processes

During the installation, the monitor shows a series of processes, as follows:

  • Formatting Progress Bars
  • Copying File Progress Bar
  • Platform Installation Progress Bars (as multiple packages are installed)
  • Post Install Progress Bar
  • Application Installation Progress Bars (multiple packages are backed up to the archive directory)
  • An informational screen saying that the system will reboot.


    At the start of the reboot, the CD tray holding the DVD ejects. This is normal. You can remove the DVD.
  • A System Reboot, which includes a second hardware check. Messages appear during the reboot, some of which prompt you to press a key. Do not respond to these prompts to press a key.
  • Application Pre Install Progress Bars
  • Configure and Setup Network Progress Bars


    If a Network Connectivity Failure screen opens during the Configure and Setup Network process, click Review. Then click OK at the Errors screen. Follow the prompts to reenter your hostname, IP Address, and so forth. The installation will continue when the connection information is complete.
  • Member Nodes only - Connection Validation message.
  • Security Configuration
  • Member Nodes only - A screen stating that there is a successful connection to the first node (select Continue).
  • The SMTP Host Configuration screen(s). Select Yes or No, according to your preference.
  • Platform Configuration Complete screen. Select OK.
  • Display of the Product Licensing screen.
    Figure 1. License Screen

    This screen shows the URL for obtaining the license (https:/​/​​SWIFT/​Licensing/​PrivateRegistrationServlet) and the Media Access Control (MAC) address. Write down this address; you will need it for the license application.


    The screen appears very briefly. If you do not have time to write down the MAC address before the screen close, see How do I find the server MAC address?
  • Display of Cryptographic Information screen.
    Figure 2. Cryptographic Screen

  • Application Post-Install Progress Bars

The installation ends at a login prompt, at which you can enter CLI commands.

To access the web interface, you need to open a browser and enter the URL http://Controller hostname or IP/oamp and User ID/Password of the System Application user.

Installation failure

Insert the DVD into the tray and perform all steps in Chapter 2, starting with the Media and Hardware Check and proceeding through to the First Node Configuration screen.

If a critical error occurs during installation, you are prompted to collect log files. To do this, insert a USB memory key in any available USB port and follow the instructions on the screen. See What Do I Do if the Installation Fails?.

If the installation fails over a Virtual Machine, see What do I do if the installation fails?.

After installation

The action to take when the installation completes depends on the type of node you installed.


After installing the CUIC, depending on the version (either 7.5 or 8.x) the user should import the UCCE templates from the cisco website.



If you have installed a Controller, and your cluster consists of a Controller node only

The installation is complete.

  1. Open a browser and enter the URL for your Controller ( http://Controller hostname or IP/oamp). This opens the Administration Console. Sign in using the System Application credentials.
  2. Upload the license.

If you have installed a Controller, and you intend to install a Member

  1. Open a browser and enter the URL for your Controller ( http://Controller hostname or IP/oamp). This opens the Administration Console.
  2. Sign in using the System Application credentials.
  3. Upload the license..
  4. Define the Member node in the Administration console.

If you have installed a Member node

Open a browser and enter the URL for your Member http://Member hostname or IP/cuic. This opens the Unified IC Reporting web page.

Sign in using the System Application credentials.

Until other users are added or integrated, the System Application user has full access to the Unified IC Member nodes.