Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Report Customization Guide, Release 10.0(1)
Report Customization in Unified Intelligence Center
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Report Customization in Unified Intelligence Center

Report Customization in Unified Intelligence Center

This chapter describes the different aspects of developing and customizing a report in Unified Intelligence Center.

Before You Begin Customizing Reports

Ensure that you have adequate permissions to create or modify the reports, report definitions, value lists, and collections.

Understand how permissions are set for categories, sub-categories, and imported components. You can do either of the following:

  • Contact the administrator.

  • If you have access to the Security drawer, see Security Overview to understand the permissions structure of Unified Intelligence Center.

If you are creating or designing reports for any particular application, be aware of the specific guidelines for accessing data from the application. See the respective application's reporting guide for detailed information.

What Can You Customize

The different components of a Unified Intelligence Center report can be customized are described below. Each section describes the level of customization available for each of the components of a report.

Report Definition

Customizing the Report Definition affects the kind of data present in the report.

You can configure the query used to fetch data from the data source. The fields are then created on the basis of the query. Each field can be configured to hold a particular type of data. The field can also be formatted on the basis of the type of data present in the field.

A single Report Definition can be used by multiple reports.


Drilldowns allow you to create links from one report grid to another so that you can launch a sub-report from within the current report window. You cannot drilldown from or to a chart or a gauge. You can create a drilldown for any field in a report that is not a grouped field.

The main advantage of drill-downs is that you do not have to configure a query to fetch a particular piece of data and format it if it is already present in another report.

You can create any number of drill-downs for a particular Report Definition.

Value List

Value lists are based on database queries and contain all reportable items of the same type.


Collections are subsets of Value Lists that can be created to control the amount of data shown to specific users and user groups.


A view is a data presentation. A report can have multiple views using the same or different fields. To know more about how to view help of a report, see the Cisco Unified Intelligence Center User Guide available here: http:/​/​​en/​US/​products/​ps9755/​products_​user_​guide_​list.html.