Installation and Upgrade Guide for Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Release 10.0(1)
Member Configuration
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Member Configuration

Member Configuration

Installation and Configuration for Member Node


All configured nodes in a cluster must be up and running before you install a new Member node.

Complete Configuration for Member Node

Step 1   To install the Member node over the MCS Server, insert the DVD into the tray and perform all the steps in Chapter 2, starting with Media and Hardware Check and proceeding through to First Node Configuration screen.

To install the member node over the UCS Server, perform the steps in Chapter 2, under the following sections:

Step 2   At the First Node Configuration Screen, select No.

The First Node Configuration Warning screen opens. This screen advises you that you must configure the server on the first node before you can proceed. You completed this configuration in Chapter 4.

Step 3   Select OK at the screen.
Step 4   In the Network Connectivity Test Configuration screen, you can verify the connection of this node to the first node (the Controller).
Note    The Network Connectivity Test Configuration screen refers to the first node as the publisher, in reference to its role in database replication. The first node publishes or replicates, the databases to the Member nodes, which are referred to as subscribers of the database replication.

Select No to open the First Node Access Configuration screen.

Step 5   In the First Node Access Configuration screen, enter connection values for the first node (the Controller):
  1. Host Name of the Controller
  2. IP Address of the Controller
  3. Security Password (enter and confirm)
  4. Select OK to open the SMTP Host Configuration screen.
Step 6   In the SMTP Host Configuration screen, select whether you want to configure an SMTP host to receive platform-level emails; for example, emails about certificate expiration. This field is optional. You configure email for report scheduling in the Administration console.



You want to configure an SMTP Host.

Select Yes to open the second SMTP screen.

Proceed to Step 7.

You do not want to configure an SMTP Host.

Select No to open the Platform Configuration Confirmation screen.

Proceed to Step 8.

Step 7   In the second SMTP Host Configuration screen:
  1. Enter the hostname or IP address for the SMTP server.
  2. Select OK to open the Platform Configuration Confirmation screen.
Step 8   In the Platform Configuration Confirmation screen:



You want to proceed.

Select OK.

The installation begins. For more information, see Chapter 4.

You want to revisit screens to modify the configuration.

Select Back.