Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Installation and Upgrade Guide, Release 10.0(1)
Installation overview
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Installation overview

Installation overview

Installation tools

During installation, use one or all of the following tools, as required:

  • ICM-CCE-CCHInstaller—The main Unified CCE Installer. It copies all files into relevant folders, creates the base registries, and installs needed third-party software such as JRE, Apache Tomcat, and Microsoft .NET Framework. You cannot run the installer remotely. Launch the installer from a local DVD drive, or copy it to a local machine.
    • Cisco Unified Intelligent Contact Management Database Administration (ICMDBA) Tool—Used to create new databases, modify or delete existing databases, and perform limited SQL Server configuration tasks.
    • Domain Manager—Used to provision Active Directory.
    • Web Setup—Used to set up the Call Routers, Loggers, and Administration & Data Servers.
    • Peripheral Gateway Setup—Used to set up PGs, the CTI OS server, and the Outbound Option dialer.
  • AdminClientInstaller—Installs the Administration Client on a system that is not running other Unified CCE components. The AdminClientInstaller is delivered on the installation media with the installer.
  • Administration Client Setup—Used to add, edit, or remove Administration Clients and Administration Client Instances. The Administration Client Setup is delivered on the installation media with the installer.


Unified CCE supports the uninstall option from the Windows Add/Remove option. This option removes the patches, base version files, and the related registry. The option also removes Unified CCE component software installed by the ICM-CCE-CCHInstaller.

However, it does not remove the following:

  • CTI OS Server
  • Java Runtime Environment
  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Unified CCE databases

Reinstallation is also supported. To reinstall, rerun the ICM-CCE-CCHInstaller.