Staging Guide for Cisco Unified ICM/Contact Center Enterprise & Hosted, Release 10.0(1)
Prepare to Work with Active Directory
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Prepare to Work with Active Directory

Prepare to Work with Active Directory

Perform Preliminary Steps

Perform the following steps before beginning to work with Active Directory.


The Domain Administrator must first create the root OU "Cisco_ICM". You need not be a Domain Administrator to create the Cisco Root OU if that OU is going to be created in a nested OU (for example, Applications -> Voice Applications…), the Domain Administrator can create a parent OU with delegated rights to create Cisco_ICM Root OU.
    Step 1   Review the system software staging guidelines.
    Step 2   Ensure that you have installed Microsoft Windows.
    Step 3   If you are installing a Logger or Distributor/HDS Administration & Data Servers, ensure that you have already installed Microsoft SQL Server with the required service pack.

    Domain Manager and OU Hierarchy

    • The Instance is not just a name in the registry.
    • Adding an Instance only requires selecting a Facility and an Instance OU from the domain.
      • First, create the OU hierarchy when you install or upgrade the first server.
      • Then, choose an existing Instance from that hierarchy.


        When you add an instance, you add that instance's Setup security group to the local Administrators group on that machine. When you remove an instance, it also removes this security group.
    • Integrated use of the Domain Manager

    When Domain Manager creates Instance OUs, user accounts in old Unified ICM/CCE & Hosted security groups are automatically copied to new security groups in the new instance OU. The old groups are not modified.