Release Notes for Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution for Contact Center Release 9.0(1)
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This document discusses important notes and caveats for Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) for Contact Center Release 9.0(1).

Cisco HCS for Contact Center is designed for customers with up to 1000 agents. It is integrated with Cisco HCS so you can use the multiple applications and services on a single platform. This solution delivers the advanced capabilities of Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise and Cisco Customer Voice Portal with all the benefits of cloud computing.

Cisco HCS for Contact Center transforms customer service by making it possible to solve service issues in the cloud in real time by providing the following benefits:

  • Faster deployment—There is no telephony equipment to install, so your contact center can be operational in a few weeks. New and advanced contact center features and upgrades are delivered on demand by your service provider. This means that the IT updates and patches issues can be eliminated and you can adopt new technology faster.
  • Increased cost-effectiveness—There are no unpredictable costs, because customers pay only for the service and for the duration they use it. Your service provider handles the hardware, the software, and the data center.
  • Improved flexibility and operational efficiency—Customers need not increase infrastructure and management costs to handle peak loads, because they can scale up or scale back on demand.
  • Consistent user experiences—The service provider provides the services in the cloud, on the premises, or using a combination of both.
  • High security and control—Security is the top priority in the design, deployment, and maintenance of Cisco cloud-computing platforms and applications. You can incorporate Cisco HCS for Contact Center safely even in environments with the most stringent security requirements.