User Guide for the Cisco Finesse Administration and Serviceability Consoles Release 9.0(1)
Cisco Unified Communications OS Administration
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Cisco Unified Communications OS Administration

Cisco Unified Communications OS Administration

The Cisco Unified Communications Solutions Unified OS Administration tool is available to you as follows:

  1. Navigate to http://host or IP address/cmplatform where host or IP address is the hostname or IP address of your server.
  2. Sign in, using the username and password for the Application User account established during the installation.


After you sign in to OS Administration, you can access other Unified Communications Solutions tools from the OS Administration Navigation drop-down list.

Use Cisco Unified Operating System Administration to perform many common system-administration functions. The following are the Unified OS Administration menus:

  • Show: View information on Cluster Nodes, Hardware Status, Network Configuration, Installed Software, System Status, and IP Preferences
  • Settings: Display and change IP settings, host settings, and Network Time Protocol (NTP) settings


    Do not change IP settings without the guidance of Cisco.
  • Security: Manage certificates and set up and manage IPSec policies
  • Software Upgrades: Perform an upgrade and revert to a previous version
  • Services: Use the Ping and Remote Support features