CTI OS System Manager Guide for Cisco Unified ICM/Contact Center Enterprise & Hosted Release 9.0(1)
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About this guide

About this guide


This manual provides instructions for installing, configuring, and running the Cisco CTI Object Server (CTI OS) product. The server should have Peripheral Gateway (PG) and CTI Server Gateway (CG) installed as a pre-requisite prior to CTI OS 9.0(1) installer run.


This manual is for system administrators and other personnel who are responsible for installing and maintaining CTI OS and its associated components. You must have administrator privileges to perform the procedures discussed in this manual.


The manual is divided into the following chapters.




Provides an overview of Cisco CTI Object Server (CTI OS) and lists the tasks that a CTI OS system manager must perform.

CTI OS Server installation

Provides procedures for installing CTI OS Server.

CTI Toolkit Desktop Client installation

Provides procedures for installing CTI OS Client components.

CTI OS Silent Monitor installation and configuration

Discusses the process of installing the new functionality in CTI OS Release 9.0(1).

CTI OS Release 9.0(1) component installation

Discusses the silent installation and uninstallation of CTI OS Release 9.0(1) components. In addition, it discusses the steps necessary to recover from a failed installation of CTI OS components.

Unified CM-based Silent Monitor configuration

Discusses how to configure devices and JTAPI users on Unified CM 6.0 to enable silent monitor.

CTI OS security

Provides information to the System Manager about configuring the CTI OS Security Certificate and the Security Compatibility.

CTI OS configuration

Explains how to start and stop CTI OS and its associated processes and describes how CTI OS handles failover scenarios.

Startup Shutdown and Failover

Discusses how to use the Windows Registry Editor to configure CTI OS.

Peripheral-specific support

Discusses levels of CTI OS support for switch-specific features.

Testing Ethernet card for Silent Monitor

Discusses testing an ethernet card for silent monitor, including test target preparation, preparing the packet generator host, and test execution.

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This manual uses the following conventions.



Boldface type is used for user entries, keys, buttons, and folder and submenu names.

Choose Edit > Find from the Configure menu bar.

Italic type indicates one of the following:

  • A newly introduced term
  • For emphasis
  • A generic syntax item that you must replace with a specific value
  • A title of a publication
  • A skill group is a collection of agents who share similar skills.
  • Do not use the numerical naming convention that is used in the predefined templates (for example, persvc01).
  • IF (condition, true-value, false-value)
  • For more information, see the Database Schema Guide for Cisco Unified ICM/Contact Center Enterprise & Hosted.

An arrow ( > ) indicates an item from a pull-down menu.

The Save command from the File menu is referenced as File > Save.

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