Cisco Unified Presence Administration Guide Release 6.0(1)
CTI Gateway Settings
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CTI Gateway Settings

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CTI Gateway Settings

Configuring CTI Gateway Settings

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CTI Gateway Settings

Use Computer Telephony Interface (CTI) gateway settings to configure the settings that apply to the CTI gateway.

Configuring CTI Gateway Settings

Follow this procedure to configure the CTI gateway settings.


Step 1 Choose Application > CTI Gateway > Settings.

The CTI Gateway Settings window displays.

Step 2 Enter the appropriate settings as described in Table 32-1.

Step 3 To save the data, click the Save icon that displays in the tool bar in the upper, left corner of the window (or click the Save button that displays at the bottom of the window).

Table 32-1 IP Phone Messenger Configuration Settings 


Application Status

From the drop-down list, choose On or Off to turn the CTI gateway application on or off.

Application Username

This parameter specifies the CTI gateway application user name.

Note This user name must match the application user name that you configured on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster.

Application Password

This parameter specifies the CTI gateway application password.

Note This password must match the application password that you configured on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster.

Heartbeat Interval (seconds)

This parameter specifies the heartbeat interval in seconds.

Range: 5-20 seconds

Default: 8 seconds

Session Timer (seconds)

This parameter specifies the value of the session time in seconds.

Range: 1810-2000 seconds

Default: 1810 seconds

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Address (1-8)

This parameter specifies the host name or IP address of a Cisco Unified Communications Manager server to which you want to connect.

Note You can configure up to eight Cisco Unified Communication Manager servers to connect to the CTI gateway.

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Configuring CTI Gateway Settings