Cisco Unified Personal Communicator

Quick Start Guide: Cisco Unified Personal Communicator for Macintosh, Release 7.0

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Cisco Unified Personal Communicator For Macintosh

Table Of Contents

Cisco Unified Personal Communicator
For Macintosh

How to Make Calls with Your Soft Phone

Calling a Coworker

Calling Anyone

Dialing From Your Macintosh Address Book

Adding Video to a Call

Adding Contacts From Your Corporate Directory

Sending Instant Messages

Specifying Your Availability

Cisco Unified Personal Communicator
For Macintosh

Release 7.0

Published August 2008

1 How to Make Calls with Your Soft Phone

Calling a Coworker

Calling Anyone

Dialing From Your Macintosh Address Book

Calling a Coworker


Step 1 Enter into the Search field part or all of the full name, first name, last name, username, or phone number of the person to find.

Searches are not case-sensitive, and the letters you type can appear in any position in the name. For example, if you search for "and", you find "Anderson" and "Cassandra". Username may be the part of the name that precedes the "@" sign in the e-mail address.

Step 2 Press Return.

Step 3 Control-click a name that is displayed in the Search pane and choose Place Audio Call.

Calling Anyone

You can call people directly from your contact list, by using Search, or you can use the following procedure to call from the dialer.


Step 1 Click the Toggle New Call Dialer icon in the console.

Step 2 Enter the phone number.

Step 3 Enter the number exactly as you would dial it from your desk phone. For example, you may need to dial a 9 before the number to call someone outside your company.

Step 4 Click the Dial icon in the New Call Dialer.

Dialing From Your Macintosh Address Book


Step 1 Verify that Cisco Unified Personal Communicator is either running or set to log in automatically.

Step 2 Open your Macintosh Address Book.

Step 3 Choose a name.

Step 4 Control-click the label beside the number to call.

Step 5 Choose Dial With Cisco UPC.

2 Adding Video to a Call


Step 1 Verify your camera is plugged in and select Soft Phone mode.

Step 2 Select Conversation < Add Video to Call with the conversation window active.

If you are on a conference call, each person who wants to add video must perform this action.

3 Adding Contacts From Your Corporate Directory

Step 1 Click Contacts > Add New Contact.

Step 2 Enter the first few characters or all of a full name, first name, last name, or phone number into the Search field.

Your configuration determines if searches are case-sensitive.

Step 3 Press Return.

Step 4 Click a name displayed in the Search Results.

Step 5 Click Add.

4 Sending Instant Messages


Step 1 Click a name in the Cisco Unified Personal Communicator console.

Step 2 Click Contacts > Send an Instant Message. The Instant Message window is displayed.

Step 3 Enter your message.

Step 4 Press Return.

5 Specifying Your Availability

Use availability status to check if people in your contact list are available to contact. By default, the system automatically determines the availability status of each person.

Availability status is displayed only for contacts who are in your company, or for contacts in other companies who have accepted your request to view their availability status.

You can also set your own availability status manually or by setting your preferences.

Do This

Choose a status to display.

This status displays until you change it or exit Cisco Unified Personal Communicator.

Click your current status near the top of the console and select an option.

Set status preferences

Choose Cisco UPC > Preferences, then click Status and select options.

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