Troubleshooting Guide for Cisco Unified Personal Communicator, Release 1.2
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Table Of Contents

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audience vii


call statistics 1-3

one way 1-8

robotic voices over low-bandwidth link 1-8

audio problems, resolving

one-way audio 1-8

robotic sounds, low-bandwidth link 1-8


buttons, disabled

for web conferencing 1-28, 1-37

when making a call 1-9

when making a video call 1-9

when sending an e-mail 1-9


call statistics

audio call statistics fields 1-5

Cisco IP phones and RTCP 1-5

events that cause collection 1-4

gathering 1-3

log format 1-4

refresh rate 1-4

video call statistics fields 1-6

Cisco TAC Case Collection tool 1-7

connection status, gathering 1-6

contact list problems, resolving

cannot add a contact 1-9

incorrect reachability status 1-19

missing reachability information for large contact lists 1-21

shows offline status for logged in users 1-17

conventions, use of viii


desk phone problems, resolving

automatically changes to disabled mode 1-11

remains in No Phone (Disabled) mode 1-10

detailed logs, described 1-2

directory problems, resolving

cannot connect to server 1-13

phone number does not resolve to a name 1-14

search returns no results, incorrect results, or unexpected results 1-12

single character and group of character search results 1-14

slow searches 1-13

wrong picture displayed when dialing 1-14


firewalls, reachability status incorrect 1-20



audience vii

conventions viii

organization vii

purpose vii


instant messaging problems, resolving

send instant message option is disabled 1-15

user has unknown state and cannot receive messages 1-15


log-in problems 1-16


call statistic information saved in 1-3

capturing detailed 1-2

collecting when the application crashes 1-3

low-bandwidth link, robotic sound quality 1-8


network connection problems 1-16


one-way audio 1-8

online help, unable to view 1-17


performance degraded from detailed logs 1-2

place a call button and menu option, disabled 1-9

problem reporting

caveats for roaming users 1-3

described 1-3

GMT date stamp 1-3


reachability status

does not change from Available to Busy while in a call 1-20

firewall configuration 1-20

VPN client configuration 1-19


send e-mail button and menu option, disabled 1-9

server connection status, gathering 1-6

soft-phone audio statistics 1-3

soft-phone problems, resolving

phone does not connect 1-21

reverts to Desk Phone or to Disabled 1-22


TAC Case Collection tool 1-7



Cisco Unified Presence troubleshooting information 1-1

product release notes vii

user guide and troubleshooting information 1-1


video call statistics 1-6

video problems

camera does not function under Windows 1-23

full-screen overlaid on second monitor 1-23

incoming video is black 1-23

video merge creates audio-only conference 1-24

video telephony camera, location of drivers 1-23

voice-mail problems, resolving

does not appear in Recent pane 1-24

Send to Voicemail, not selectable 1-27

server is up and credential are correct 1-26

unlocking accounts with locked passwords on Cisco Unity 1-25

unlocking accounts with locked passwords on Cisco Unity Connection 1-25

voice quality and voice gateways, diagnosing 1-7

VPN clients

missing reachability in large contact lists 1-21

reachability status incorrect 1-19


web conferencing problems with Unified MeetingPlace, resolving

host names

proxy server name not resolving 1-40

web server name not resolving 1-39

initiated only on host but not on other clients 1-37

meeting no longer exists 1-39


access through browser but not through Unified Personal Communicator 1-38

expired 1-37

missing 1-38

security certificates

do not match target host name 1-42

invalid 1-41

invalid or not readable 1-42

not verifiable 1-41

web conferencing problems with Unified MeetingPlace, resolving (continued)

start or end a session 1-38

server not connected 1-39

user has no permissions 1-38

user profile locked or inactive 1-37

Web Conferencing button, disabled 1-37

web server returns empty response 1-40

web server times out 1-40

web conferencing problems with Unified MeetingPlace Express, resolving

ending a conference

conference no longer exists 1-33

invalid meeting type 1-33

without specifying a meeting ID 1-35

initiated only on host but not on other clients 1-28

license capacity reached error 1-31

login problems

login ID missing 1-36

login ID or password invalid 1-32

login module exception 1-31


expired 1-32

missing 1-35

preferred language error 1-31

scheduling a conference

internal error 1-35

invalid length 1-34

invalid number of parties 1-34

maximum duration exceeded 1-34

server not ready to accept requests 1-35

slow performance when escalating 1-29

unable to start or end web conferencing session 1-29

could not contact server 1-30

error communicating with server 1-30

user profile locked or inactive 1-33

Web Conferencing button, disabled 1-28

wrong picture displayed when dialing 1-14