Cisco Unified IP Phone 7975G, 7971G-GE, 7970G, 7965G, and 7945G Phone Guide and Quick Reference for Cisco Unified CM 8.0 (SCCP and SIP)
Troubleshooting Your Phone
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Troubleshooting Your Phone

Table Of Contents

Troubleshooting Your Phone

General Troubleshooting

Viewing Phone Administration Data

Using the Quality Reporting Tool

Troubleshooting Your Phone

This section provides troubleshooting information for your Cisco Unified IP Phone.

General Troubleshooting

This section provides information to help you troubleshoot general problems with your phone. For more information, see your system administrator.


You cannot hear a dial tone or complete a call

One or more of these factors may apply:

You must log into the Extension Mobility service.

You must enter a client matter code (CMC) or forced authorization code (FAC) after dialing a number. (SCCP phones only)

Your phone has time-of-day restrictions that prevent you from using some features during certain hours of the day.

The Settings button is unresponsive

Your system administrator may have disabled on your phone.

The phone screen appears blank

The phone screen has gone into sleep mode to save power after a period of inactivity. Wake the phone screen by pressing it, by lifting the handset, or by pressing any button, such as . See Cleaning and Maintaining the Phone Screen, page 17.

The softkey that you want to use does not appear

One or more of these factors may apply:

You must press more to reveal additional softkeys.

You must change the line state (for example, go off-hook or have a connected call).

Your phone is not configured to support the feature associated with that softkey.

Barge fails and results in a fast busy tone

You cannot barge an encrypted call if the phone you are using is not configured for encryption. When your barge attempt fails for this reason, your phone plays a fast busy tone.

You are disconnected from a call that you joined using Barge

You will be disconnected from a call that you have joined using Barge if the call is put on hold, transferred, or turned into a conference call.

CallBack fails

The other party may have call forwarding enabled.

The phone shows an error message when you attempt to set up Call Forward All

Your phone may reject your attempt to set up Call Forward All directly on the phone if the target number that you enter would create a Call Forward All loop or would exceed the maximum number of links permitted in a Call Forward All chain (also known as a maximum hop count). Ask your system administrator for details.

The phone screen does not illuminate under any circumstances

You may have disabled phone screen illumination on your phone. Contact your system administrator to determine if this feature is available to you.

Viewing Phone Administration Data

Your system administrator may ask you to access administration data on your phone for troubleshooting purposes.

If you are asked to...

Access network configuration data

Choose > Network Configuration and select the network configuration item that you want to view.

Access status data

Choose > Status and select the status item that you want to view.

Access phone model information

Choose > Model Information.

Access phone call and voice quality information

Choose > Status > Call Statistics.

Access VPN performance information related to the data transmitted and received

Choose > Status > Network Statistics.

Using the Quality Reporting Tool

Your system administrator may temporarily configure your phone with the Quality Reporting Tool (QRT) to troubleshoot performance problems. You can press QRT or Quality Reporting Tool to submit information to your system administrator. Depending on configuration, use the QRT to:

Immediately report an audio problem on a current call.

Select a general problem from a list of categories and choose reason codes.