Cisco Unified IP Phone 7931G User Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager 9.0 (SCCP and SIP)
Additional Options
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Additional Options

Additional Options

Your system administrator can configure your phone to use specific button and softkey templates along with special services and features. This table provides an overview of configuration options that you may want to discuss with your system administrator based on your calling needs or work environment.


You can locate Phone Guides and other documents listed in this table on the web: http:/​/​​en/​US/​products/​hw/​phones/​ps379/​tsd_​products_​support_​series_​home.html

If you...


For more information...

Need more than one phone line

Contact your system administrator to configure one or more additional directory numbers for you.

Contact your system administrator or phone support team.

Need more speed-dial buttons

First make sure that you are using all of your currently available speed-dial buttons.

If you need additional speed-dial buttons, try using Abbreviated Dialing or subscribing to the Fast Dial service.

See Speed Dial.

Want to use one extension for several phones

Request a shared line. For example, this allows you to use one extension for your desk phone and lab phone.

See Shared Lines.

Share phones or office space with coworkers

Consider using:

  • Call Park to store and retrieve calls without using the transfer feature.
  • Call Pickup to answer calls ringing on another phone.
  • A shared line to view coworkers’ calls.
  • Cisco Extension Mobility to apply your phone number and user profile to a shared Cisco Unified IP Phone.

Contact your system administrator about these features and see:

Answer calls frequently or handle calls on someone’s behalf

Contact your system administrator to set up AutoAnswer on your phone.

See AutoAnswer with Headset or Speakerphone.

Need to make video calls

Consider using Cisco Unified Video Advantage, which enables you to make video calls using your Cisco Unified IP Phone, your personal computer, and an external video camera.

Contact your system administrator for additional assistance and see the Cisco Unified VT Advantage Quick Start Guide and User Guide.

Determine the state of a phone line associated with a speed-dial button on your phone

Contact your administrator to set up Busy Lamp Field (BLF) on your phone.

See Busy Lamp Field Features.

Want to temporarily apply your phone number and settings to a shared Cisco Unified IP Phone

Contact your system administrator about the Cisco Extension Mobility Service.

See Cisco Extension Mobility.