Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7925G, 7925G-EX, and 7926G Administration Guide
International User Support
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International User Support

International User Support

Translated and localized versions of the Cisco Unified IP Phones are available in several languages. If you are supporting Cisco Unified IP Phones in a non-English environment, see the following section to ensure that the phones are set up properly for your users.

Before you deploy the wireless IP phones, download the locale installer for the firmware releases and configure the languages in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

You can obtain translated documentation for the Cisco Unified IP Phones at this URL:


This section includes the following information:

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Locale Installer Installation

If you are using Cisco Unified IP Phones in a locale other than English (United States), you must install the locale-specific version of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Locale Installer on every Cisco Unified Communications Manager server in the cluster. Installing the locale installer ensures that you have the latest translated text, user and network locales, and country-specific phone tones that are available for the Cisco Unified IP Phones. You can find locale-specific versions of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Locale Installer at http:/​/​​kobayashi/​sw-center/​telephony/​callmgr/​locale-installer.shtml.

For more information, see the "Locale Installation" section in the Cisco Unified Communications Operating System Administration Guide.


All languages may not be immediately available, so continue to check the website for updates.