Installation and Configuration Guide for Cisco Unified Communications for RTX Release 8.6
Getting Started
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Getting Started

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Getting Started

Overview of Cisco Unified Communications for RTX

Installation Prerequisites

Installation Checklist

Getting Started

Revised: February 18, 2013

Overview of Cisco Unified Communications for RTX

Installation Prerequisites

Installation Checklist

Overview of Cisco Unified Communications for RTX

Cisco Unified Communications for RTX (Cisco UC for RTX) adds Cisco Unified Communications (Cisco UC) features to RTX. With Cisco UC for RTX, users can perform the following tasks from RTX:

Place and receive phone calls, including high-definition video calls.

Start meetings to talk to, and to share documents with, one or more people.

Start and participate in conference calls.

Transfer your calls to other contacts, or depending on your configuration, to a mobile device or other remote device.

Forward your calls to your voicemail service, another contact, or another number.

Park your call, then retrieve the call from another device.

Access your voice messages visually or call your voicemail service.

Display your conversation history.

Set options for Cisco UC for RTX.

Switch from using your computer for phone calls to using your desk phone, and switch back.

Cisco UC for RTX integrates closely with RTX. Cisco UC for RTX updates the availability status of users automatically. Users can send instant messages through RTX to contacts with whom they are currently having a conversation through Cisco UC.

Cisco UC for RTX interacts with servers and applications as shown in Figure 1-1:

Figure 1-1 Cisco UC for RTX Interactions with Network Servers

Cisco UC for RTX provides window management, client security, third-party integration, and Cisco Unified Client Services Framework integration. Client Services Framework provides the engine to provide Cisco telephony and next-generation media services for the desktop.

When you install Cisco UC for RTX, the installation application installs all of the required components.

Installation Prerequisites

Before you install Cisco UC for RTX, check that your system meets all the necessary prerequisites. Ensure that you have the correct versions of all of the required software. See the release notes at the following URL:

Installation Checklist



Configuring Cisco Unified Communications Servers, page 2-1

You configure the following servers that work with Cisco UC for RTX:

Cisco Unified Communications Manager server

Cisco meeting servers and centers

(Optional) Cisco Unity Connection server


Configuring RTX Server

You perform the following tasks on the RTX server:

Configuring the RTX server

Synchronizing and authenticating users from the LDAP server

Specifying registry settings for Cisco UC for RTX


Installing and Deploying Cisco Unified Communications for RTX

You deploy the Cisco UC for RTX clients to client computers. Users install the clients on their computers.