Administration Guide for Cisco Business Edition 3000, Release 8.6(4)
License Settings
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License Settings


License Settings

Impacted GUIs: Cisco Business Edition 3000 First Time Setup Wizard and Cisco Business Edition 3000 Administrative Interface

Cisco User Connect licensing allows you to track the users and phones in your system. The License page allows you to perform such tasks as installing Cisco User Connect licenses and viewing details about installed licenses, including the license version, the type of licenses, and the number of licenses that you used. The following table describes the settings that display on the System Settings—License page.


The system uses (consumes) a unit in the license file after a phone configuration is added. The system comes automatically installed with a certain number of license units; you must have a certain number of units that the system can use before you install additional licenses. To install additional licenses before the user and phone configuration is added, you can install the licenses from the License page.

After you complete the Cisco Business Edition 3000 First Time Setup Wizard, you install licenses and view details about licenses in the Cisco Business Edition 3000 Administrative Interface (System Settings > Manage Licenses).

Table 1 Settings on the Manage Licenses page



Available and Used License Bar Chart

To determine whether you are close to being out of licenses, view the number of licenses that are available for any particular type of license. In the bar chart, you can view the following:

  • Number of licenses that the system has used for any license type
  • Number of licenses that are unused but installed for any license type (available)

If you oversubscribe licenses, the available units do not display in the bar for the license type because no licenses are available.

All license types display in the chart, even if they do not apply to your system.

Tip    To determine the exact number of used, available, or oversubscribed licenses from the chart, hover over the color in the bar for the various license types; for example, if 20 enhanced user licenses have been used, a message, Used: 20, displays when you hover over the bar for enhanced user licenses.

Install Licenses

Your system automatically comes installed with a certain number of licenses. To install additional licenses, as determined by the system and displayed in the bar chart, you can click Install Licenses and browse to the location where the licenses are installed (either on your desktop or on a USB flash drive).

You can only install one license file at a time. Before you install licenses, review licensing interactions and restrictions in the Interactions and Restrictions.

Descriptions tab

License types and descriptions display in the Descriptions tab. Use the scroll bars to display the descriptive information that you want to view. For more information, see the Understanding The License Types.

License File tab

To view details about all license files, click the License File tab.

You can view the name of the license file, the license type for the license, the Cisco Business Edition 3000 software version that is associated with the license, and the total number of units, one unit per phone, that is included with the license file.

The starter licenses that automatically come with your system do not display under this tab.

To view the contents of the license file, click View.