Administration Guide for Cisco Business Edition 3000, Release 8.6(4)
Devices Settings
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Devices Settings


Devices Settings

Impacted GUIs: Cisco Business Edition 3000 First Time Setup Wizard and Cisco Business Edition 3000 Administrative Interface

The Device Settings page allows you to edit and delete devices. You can also generate CLI functionalities for ISR2901 gateways in the Device Settings page.

The following table describes the settings that display on the Devices page (Connections > Devices).


You can edit both MCS7890-C1 and ISR2901 device type gateways. You can delete only ISR2901 device type gateways.

Table 1 Settings On the Devices page




Specifies the name of the gateway device.

The name can include up to 24 characters in any language, but it cannot include double-quotes ("), percentage sign (%), ampersand (&), back-slash (\), or angle brackets (<>).


Specifies the description of the gateway device.

Device Type

Specifies the device type.


The following actions can be performed on the gateway devices:

  • Edit—Click the Edit link corresponding Gateway connection to edit the configuration settings. For information about parameters on the Edit page, see Adding/Editing a Device.
  • Delete—Click the Delete link corresponding to the Gateway connection settings to delete the gateway. A confirmation message appears and click Delete to delete the gateway. You cannot delete MCS7890-C1 gateway. You can delete only ISR2901 gateway.

    If you delete a gateway, all the PSTN connections corresponding to the gateway will be deleted.

  • Generate CLI Commands—Click to generate commands to configure ISR2901 gateways. Copy the CLI commands to the IRS2901 telnet or a serial-interface command line to configure the gateway. You need to generate CLI commands only for IRS2901 gateways. The MCS7890-C1 Gateway do not require generation of CLI commands.