Administration Guide for Cisco Business Edition 3000, Release 8.6(4)
Country/Locale Settings
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Country/Locale Settings

Country/Locale Settings

GUI: Cisco Business Edition 3000 First Time Setup Wizard

The Country/Locale page allows you to set up the support for the following items:

  • The locale, which is the language that displays for text in the online help, in the Cisco Business Edition 3000 First Time Setup Wizard, the Cisco Business Edition 3000 Administrative Interface, and the Cisco Business Edition 3000 User Preferences Interface; the locale also impacts the tones that are used for the phones and gateway. The locale that you select impacts all users in the system; for example, all phones use the same network tones, and all users view the same language in the GUIs.
  • The country where the Cisco Business Edition 3000 server is located. The country that you select determines the dial plan that is used by the system.


Cisco recommends that all users set their supported browsers to the locale that is selected on this page so that the text displays as expected. Cisco does not support other browser controls, including the Print, Back, Forward, Refresh buttons, with any Cisco Business Edition 3000 interfaces.

If you change the browser to the locale after you log into the Cisco Business Edition 3000 First Time Setup Wizard, close and reopen the browser so that the language displays as you expect.

Some text, including trademarks, may display in English_United States on the phones, in the online help, and in the interfaces.

The following table describes the settings on the Country/Locale page.

Table 1 Settings on the Country/Locale page




The Language drop-down list box displays the countries and locales that are installed by default with your system. If you do not plan to install a country pack, select the country and locale that you want to use for your system. (This selection also chooses the dial plan for your system.)

If users set the browser to a different language than the one that is selected from the Language drop-down list box, the text may not display as expected in the GUIs or in the online help.

Install Country Pack

The Language drop-down list box allows you to select a country and locale that is installed by default with the system. If none of the options in the Language drop-down list box apply to your system, you can install a country pack, which includes the locale, tones, and dial plan for a country.


Country Pack supports the following countries: North American Numbering Plan, India, United Kingdom, China, Australia, France, Russia, Canada, and Mexico.

To install a country pack, obtain the country pack from and copy it to your PC desktop or a USB flash drive. If you plan to install the country pack from a USB flash drive, make sure that you insert the USB flash drive into the Cisco Business Edition 3000 server before you click Install Country Pack.

The size of the file and/or your network configuration may increase the amount of time that it takes to upload a file. For example, if you use the PC desktop to upload a file over the WAN, the upload or installation may take longer than if you upload it over the LAN or use a USB flash drive.

You can only install one country pack.