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This chapter provides troubleshooting information for the Cisco Unified CallManager Attendant Console. For assistance with problems that are not listed in this chapter, contact your system administrator.

The login failed. How do I solve this problem?

Contact your system administrator to verify and update your Cisco Unified CallManager Attendant Console User ID and password.

I received a message that no lines are available to make a call.

All lines that are configured for use are busy. You must wait until one of the lines becomes available before you place a call.

I received a message that I cannot connect to the same operator terminal.

This message means that you cannot call a line that is configured on your Cisco Unified IP Phone from another line on the same phone.

I received a message that the selected line is not available.

Each line only supports the configured number of calls at the same time. For example, if you configured a line to support two calls at the same time, and you use Line 1 for transferring a call, and you placed another call on hold on the same line, the line that you chose will be unavailable for use. The line remains unavailable until you complete one of the tasks.

I received a message that the operator terminal is down.

Make sure that you securely connected the Cisco Unified IP Phone to the network.

I received messages that I cannot transfer the call.

You may receive the following messages when you cannot successfully transfer a call:

Attempt to transfer a call that does not exist or is no longer active

Attempt to transfer to an unknown destination

Far end hung up on the call being transferred

Transfer destination is busy.

Transfer destination is out of order.

Failed to transfer the call due to Internal Error

I received a message that I should log off and log into the Cisco Unified CallManager Attendant Console if the diretory numbers on my phone have changed.

If you log in to or log off of the Cisco Unified IP Phone by using Cisco CallManager Extension Mobility while you are logged into Cisco Unified CallManager Attendant Console, the Cisco Unified IP Phone resets, and the call-control status of the attendant console goes down. You must log out of the Cisco Unified CallManager Attendant Console. When logging back into the Cisco Unified CallManager Attendant Console, you must specify the current directory number of the phone in the Directory Number of Your Phone field of the Settings dialog box.

I do not see the correct set of line buttons on my phone.

The attendant console does not automatically update line information from your phone. When your system administrator resets your phone, a message displays in the attendant console that indicates that you need to log out and log in to the attendant console. After you log out and log in, the correct set of line buttons displays.

Some text displays in English, while other text displays in the language that I chose in the Cisco Unified CallManager Attendant Console dialog box.

Your system administrator must install the latest locale installer that is available for your chosen language. Refer your administrator to the Cisco IP Telephony Platform Administration Guide documentation that is available on the web.