Cisco Unified CM User Options Guide 9.1(1)
Directory page
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Directory page

Directory page

The Directory page gives users the ability to view a company directory. You can add people from the corporate directory to your personal contacts. You can also use the Click to Call feature to place phone calls to people in the corporate directory.

In situations where the directory is from a large company, the list of names could contain hundreds, or even thousands, of names. In these situations you can use the filter tool to limit the output to those names that meet specific criteria.

This chapter contains the following topics:

Add name from directory to contacts

If a person in your company directory is also saved as a personal contact, a check mark will appear in the Contacts column for the company directory. If the check mark does not appear, the person is not saved in your personal contacts.

To add a person from the directory to your personal contacts, follow these steps:

    Step 1   On the toolbar, click Directory.
    Step 2   In the company directory, locate the person that you want to add to your contacts.
    Step 3   Click the Personal Contact icon that appears in the Actions column for that person.
    Step 4   Complete the fields in the Add a Contact window.
    Step 5   Click OK.

    Dial a name from the directory

    Cisco Unified CM User Options gives you the ability to make a phone call from the company directory by clicking the person’s phone extension. For this feature to work, the person that you want to call must have a phone extension saved in the directory.