Troubleshooting Guide for Cisco Unified CallManager, Release 5.0(4)
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Table Of Contents

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administration page not displaying, troubleshooting 4-3

administrator account not associated with CiscoUnity subscriber 8-3

admission rejects 5-17

allowing remote access, how to A-4

analyzing captured packets 2-10

assistant console displays error, CiscoIPMA service unreachable 9-8

attendant cannot access server error message displays 9-15

authentication error 9-25

automatic installation of MS Virtual Machine is no longer provided for download 9-6


barge, troubleshooting 9-22

B-channel remains locked when restart_ack does not contain channel IE, troubleshooting 5-18


caller misses availability notification before phone reset 9-29

call flow traces B-9, C-1

Calling Search Space 6-3

calls do not get routed when filtering is on or off 9-9

calls forwarded to voice mail treated as direct call, troubleshooting 8-2

cannot search for Unicode languages 9-19

captured packets, analyzing 2-10

Case Study

troubleshooting CiscoUnifiedIPPhone calls B-1

troubleshooting CiscoUnifiedIPPhone-to-CiscoIOSGateway calls C-1

CCO cases, opening a case A-3

Certificate Authority Proxy Function (CAPF)

LSC validation fails 4-17

troubleshooting 4-16

verifying CAPF certificate installation 4-17

verifying MIC exists 4-17

certificates, troubleshooting 4-15

Cisco CTIManager down 9-26

Cisco CTL client, troubleshooting 4-15

Cisco discovery protocol support 2-3

Cisco Extension Mobility

error clearing 9-2

troubleshooting 9-1

CiscoIOS Gateway

T1/CAS interface C-9

T1/PRI interface C-8

Cisco Live!, reporting a case A-4

Cisco product security overview xv

Cisco Secure Telnet

design A-5

overview 2-5

server access A-4

structure A-5

system A-5

Cisco Syslog Analysis

Cisco Syslog Analyzer 2-3

Cisco Syslog Analyzer Collector 2-3

Cisco Technical Support website xvi

CiscoUnified CallManager

administration page does not display 4-3

Assistant, troubleshooting 9-4

assistant troubleshooting tools and client desktop 9-4

Attendant Console Issues

collecting server logs 9-21

directory issues 9-17

initialization of telephony errors 9-13

interface issues 9-18

problems making and receiving calls 9-15

serviceability does not generate JTAPI logs 9-20

voice mail issues 9-18

Extension Mobility, general problems clearing 9-1

initialization process B-3

intracluster call flow traces B-5

keepalive process B-5

registration process B-4

Serviceability does not generate JTAPI logs 9-20

services issues 7-1

system issues 4-1

system not responding 4-1

system stops responding 4-2

troubleshooting tools 2-5

Cisco Unified IP Phone


authentication string 4-16

verifying LSC 4-17

CiscoUnifiedIP Phone

initialization process B-2

troubleshooting audio problems 5-3

Cisco Unity does not rollover, troubleshooting 8-2

CiscoWorks2000 2-3

codec and region mismatches 5-9


debugs 2-4

sniffer traces 2-4

collecting server logs 9-21

Command Line Interface 2-2

configuration checklist for packet capturing 2-6

configuring packet capturing

gateway and trunk configuration windows 2-8

phone configuration window 2-7

service parameters 2-7

correcting audio problems from the CiscoIPPhone 5-3

CTL client, troubleshooting 4-15


debug messages and show commands

CiscoIOSGatekeeper C-4

CiscoIOSGateway C-5

debugs,collecting 2-4

definitions of service request severity xvii

destination not reachable 9-27

device issues

introduction 5-1

troubleshooting 5-1

diagnosing slow server response 4-7

dial plan issues 6-3

dial plans and routing issues 6-1

directory issues 9-17

directory numbers appear in an unknown line state 9-20

directory service down 9-26

domain names 6-3

dropped calls 5-11


echo 5-4


troubleshooting SRTP/SCCP 2-5

troubleshooting with packet capturing 4-17

error messages for Cisco Call Back 9-29

etoken, troubleshooting 4-15

exception, java.lang.ClassNotFoundException 9-6


failed call flow B-10

failed to open device/line 9-27

features, troubleshooting 8-1

firewall protection A-5


gatekeeper issues 5-17

gateway issues 5-11

gateway registration failure 5-12

gateway reorder tone 5-11

general model of problem solving 1-2

group pickup configuration 6-3


hardware transcoder not working as expected 7-2


immediate divert, troubleshooting 9-24

improper network setting exists in the remote machine 4-6

initialization of call control fails 9-14

initialization of telephony errors 9-13

initialization of telephony fails 9-13

intercluster H.323 communication B-9

IPMAConsoleInstall.jsp displays error, no page found 9-5

IP Phone, troubleshooting

authentication string 4-16

verifying LSC 4-17


JTAPI subsystem



startup problems 4-8


key is not active 9-24


line not available 9-16

lines disabled on phone 9-16

locally significant certificate (LSC), troubleshooting

validation fails 4-17

verifying installation 4-17

locating the Cisco Call Back log files 9-30

location and bandwidth 5-9

log files, troubleshooting 4-15

logs, echo log 5-5

lost or distorted audio 5-2


manager cannot intercept calls ringing on Assistant proxy line 9-11

manager is logged out while the service is still running 9-10

manufacture-installed certificate (MIC), verifying 4-17

MIVR-SS_TEL-1-ModuleRunTimeFailure 4-11

MIVR-SS_TEL-4-ModuleRunTimeFailure 4-8


name to address resolution failing, troubleshooting 4-5

network failure preparation 1-3

network layout A-2

no conference bridge available 7-1

no connectivity, remote server 4-6

no supplementary services available on an established call 7-4


obtaining additional publications and information xvii

obtaining documentation xiv

obtaining technical assistance xvi

one-way audio or no audio 5-5

open a TAC case, required information A-2

opening a CCO case, url location A-3

ordering documentation xiv

overview 2-3

Cisco Secure Telnet 2-5

CiscoWorks2000 2-3

serviceability 1-1

troubleshooting 1-1


packet capturing

analyzing 2-10

configuration checklist (table) 2-6

configuration settings 2-9

overview 2-5

service parameters 2-7

settings 2-9

partitioning 6-3

Perfmon data logging 2-16

performance tool

function 2-11

statistics monitor and display 2-11

phone issues 5-10

phone resets 5-10

port 80 blocked, troubleshooting 4-5


displaying or adding users 4-4

making and receiving calls 9-15

using Attendant Console Interface 9-18

using ciscocall back 9-28

when dialing a number 6-3

problem solving guidelines 1-2


registration rejects 5-17

remote access A-4

remote server, no connectivity 4-6

replication, reestablishing 4-6

reporting security problems in Cisco products xv

route partitions and calling search spaces 6-1


sample topology of intracluster Cisco IP Phone-to Cisco IP Phone calls B-2

secure dial plan 6-5


tokens 4-15

troubleshooting, packet capturing 2-5

security, firewall integrity A-5

self-starting processes B-3


overview 1-1

tools 2-2

services, troubleshooting 7-1

service temporarily unavailable 9-25

session expired, please login again 9-26

slow server response 4-7

sniffer traces, collecting 2-4


defined 2-3

remote monitoring with 2-3

support 2-3

speed dial and directory windows display incorrect line state 9-20

submitting a service request xvi

summary of CLI commands and GUI selections 2-18, 2-19

syslog analysis, described 2-3

system issues, troubleshooting 4-1

system logging, described 2-3

system log management 2-3

system not responding

troubleshooting 4-2

troubleshooting overview 4-1



allowing remote access A-4

Cisco Live! A-4

required information A-2

Telnet, Cisco Secure

description 2-5

design A-5

structure A-4

temporary failure 9-24

testing gateways 5-4

text displays incorrect language 9-19


administration page not displaying 4-3

administrator account not associated with Cisco Unity subscriber 8-3

admission rejects 5-17

alarms 4-13

ARJs 5-17

audio problems from Cisco Unified IP Phone 5-3

authentication string entered incorrectly on phone 4-16

barge 9-22

B-channel remains locked when restart_ack does not contain channel IE 5-18

calling search spaces 6-1

CAPF 4-16

certificates 4-15

Cisco Call Back 9-28

Cisco CallManager Extension Mobility 9-2

Cisco CTL client 4-15

Cisco Extension Mobility

error messages 9-2

overview 9-1

Cisco Unified CallManager Assistant 9-4

Cisco Unified CallManager system not responding 4-1

CiscoUnifiedIP Phone calls

intercluster B-9

intracluster B-1

CiscoWebDialer 9-25

codec and region mismatches 5-9

CTL security tokens 4-15

device issues 5-1

dial plan problems 6-3

dropped calls 5-11

echo 5-4

features 8-1

features and services 9-1

gatekeeper issues 5-17

gateway registration failure 5-12

gateway reorder tone issues 5-11

immediate divert 9-24

location and bandwidth issues 5-9

log files 4-15

lost or distorted audio problems 5-2

LSC validation fails 4-17

name to address resolution failing 4-5

no connectivity to other devices 4-6

not authorized to view page 4-4

one-way or no audio 5-5

opening a case A-3

opening a case with TAC A-1

overview 1-1

packet capturing 4-17

packet capturing with encryption 4-17

Perfmon data logging

configuring 2-16

parameters 2-17

viewing log files 2-17

performance monitor counter descriptions (table) 4-14

performance monitor counters 4-13

phone resets 5-10

port 80 blocked 4-5

registration rejects 5-17

remote access for TAC A-4

required preliminary information A-2

route partition problems 6-1

RRJs 5-17

secure dial plans 6-5


analyzing captured packets 2-10

packet-capturing configuration checklist (table) 2-6

packet-capturing configuration settings 2-9

packet-capturing service parameters 2-7

SRTP/SCCP overview 2-5

services 7-1

system issues 4-1

system stops responding 4-2

tips 2-20

tools 2-1

trace files 4-15

unity does not rollover 8-2

using Cisco Live! A-4

verifying CAPF certificate installation 4-17

verifying LSC installation 4-17

verifying MIC exists 4-17

voice mail stops after 30 seconds 8-1

voice quality issues 5-1

WebDialer 9-25

troubleshooting server without root access 2-18

troubleshooting tools 2-1


unable to communicate with Attendant Console server 9-18

unable to place calls to pilot point 9-15

Unity does not roll over, receive busy tone 8-2

User authentication fails 9-7

User not logged in on any device 9-27

User presses callback softkey before phone rings. 9-28

User unplugs or resets phone after pressing the CallBack softkey but before Call Back occurs. 9-28


verify CiscoUnifiedCallManager services are running 2-21

viewing Perfmon log files with Microsoft performance tool 2-17

voice mail Issues 9-18

voice mail stops after 30 seconds, troubleshooting 8-1

voice messaging issues 8-1

voice messaging stops after 30 seconds 8-1

voice quality 5-1


WebDialer, troubleshooting 9-25


you are not authorized to view this page 4-4

you attempted to access a machine where access is explicitly denied 4-6