Cisco Unified CDR Analysis and Reporting Administration Guide, Release 9.1(1)
IP phone service user reports
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IP phone service user reports

IP phone service user reports

CAR provides reporting capabilities for three levels of users:

  • Administrators - Generate system reports to help with load balancing, system performance, and troubleshooting.
  • Managers - Generate reports for users, departments, and QoS to help with call monitoring for budgeting or security purposes and for determining the voice quality of the calls.
  • Individual users - Generate a billing report for their calls.


Depending on your job function, you may not have access to every report that is described in this chapter.

Generate IP phone services reports

Only CAR administrators can generate the Cisco Unified IP Phone Services report. You can generate a report that shows chosen Cisco Unified IP Phone services, the number of users who are subscribed to each of the chosen services, and the subscription percentage for each of the chosen services.

Use the following instructions to generate a report that shows the usage of one of the following specific Cisco Unified IP Phone services:

  • Missed calls
  • Received calls
  • Placed calls
  • Intercom calls
  • Personal directory
  • Corporate directory
  • Extension mobility
    Step 1   Choose User Reports > Cisco Unified IP Phone.

    The Cisco Unified IP Phone window displays a list of all Cisco Unified IP Phone services that have been configured in the system.

    Step 2   In the List of Cisco Unified IP Phone area, choose the services that you want to include in the report.
    Step 3   Click the right arrow to add the chosen service to the Selected Cisco Unified IP Phone box.

    The report will include all services that are listed in this box when you generate it.

    Step 4   If you want the report in CSV format, choose CSV (comma separated value) in the Report Format area. Be aware that the CSV-format report is limited to 20,000 records. If you want the report in PDF format, choose PDF (portable document format) in the Report Format area. Be aware that the PDF-format report is limited to 5000 records.

    The report displays.

    Step 5   If you want to mail the report, click the Send Report button. To send the report, perform the procedure that is described in the Mail reports.

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