Cisco Unified CDR Analysis and Reporting Administration Guide, Release 9.1(1)
CAR reports notification limits
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CAR reports notification limits

CAR reports notification limits

Before You Begin

Before you start generating reports with CAR, configure the system.

Set notification limits

This section describes how to specify the notification limits for QoS and daily charges.

    Step 1   Choose Report Config > Notification Limits.

    The Set Limits for Notification window displays.

    Step 2   In the Daily QoS Parameters area, enter a threshold for good and poor calls.

    The threshold applies in the form of a percentage of all calls that must be exceeded to trigger an e-mail alert to the administrator. The default for good calls specifies less than 20 percent, meaning that when good calls represent less than 20 percent of all calls per day, an alert gets sent. The default for poor calls specifies greater than 30 percent, meaning that when poor calls represent more than 30 percent of all calls per day, an alert gets sent. The alert is called the QoS Notification.

    Step 3   In the Daily Charge Limit area, enter the number of monetary units (such as dollars, francs, or pounds) that, when exceeded by any user in the system, will trigger sending an e-mail alert to the administrator. The alert is called the Charge Limit Notification.
    Step 4   Click the Update button.

    Changes take effect immediately. The new values get used whenever the next alert is sent.

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