Cisco Unified Serviceability Administration Guide, Release 9.0(1)
MIB2 system group
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MIB2 system group

MIB2 system group

This chapter provides information to configure the system contact and system location objects for the MIB-II system group. For example, you could enter Administrator, 555-121-6633, for the system contact and San Jose, Bldg 23, Second floor, for the system location.

Set up MIB2 system group

You can configure a system contact and system location for the MIB-II system group. The following table describes the MIB2 system group configuration settings.

Table 1 MIB2 System Group Configuration Settings




  1. Select the server for which you want to configure contacts from the list box.
  2. Select Go.

System Contact

Enter a person to notify when problems occur.

System Location

Enter the location of the person that is identified as the system contact.

Apply To All Nodes

Check to apply the system configuration to all of the nodes in the cluster.


This procedure supports SNMP v1, v2c, and v3 configuration.

    Step 1   Select Snmp > SystemGroup > MIB2 System Group.
    Step 2   Configure the MIB2 System Group settings as described in the table above.
    Step 3   Select Save. A message indicates that changes will not take effect until you restart the SNMP master agent.
    Step 4   Select OK to restart the SNMP master agent service or select Cancel to continue the configuration without restarting the SNMP master agent.
    Step 5   Perform one of the following actions:
    1. Select Clear All to clear the System Contact and System Location fields.
    2. Select Clear All and Save to delete the system configuration.