Cisco Unified CDR Analysis and Reporting Administration Guide, Release 7.1(2)
Configuring the CAR Reports QoS Values
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Configuring the CAR Reports QoS Values

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Configuring the CAR Reports QoS Values

Configuring QoS Values

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Configuring the CAR Reports QoS Values

This chapter contains the following topics:

Configuring QoS Values

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Configuring QoS Values

QoS values get configured for lost packets, jitter, and latency based on good, acceptable, fair, or poor criteria.

If a call does not satisfy any of the criteria that are set for any of the four voice-quality categories, it receives a classification of NA (not applicable); likewise, if the system is not configured to generate CMR data (or if the CMR is bad), the CMR receives a classification of NA (not applicable).

Enter NA to ignore the values of a parameter. For example, a QoS parameter such as jitter, has NA, and the QoS is defined as good, which means that the QoS depends only on the values of latency and lost packets. All three parameters cannot have NA as values. Infinity designates the maximum value that is available for any parameter. If you specify a rule where a jitter value from 500 to Infinity is considered poor, a call with jitter greater than 500 receives a classification of poor.

Note Be aware that the classifications of "NA" and "Infinity" are case-sensitive.

This section describes how to define the QoS values.


Step 1 Choose Report Config > Define QoS.

The Define Quality of Service window displays. Table 34-1 describes the QoS default values.

Table 34-1 QoS Default Values 

QoS Parameter

Lost Packets

Good—0.00 to 15.00
Acceptable—15.01 to 30.00
Fair—30.01 to 45.00
Poor—45.01 to infinity


Good—0 to 20
Acceptable—21 to 100
Fair—101 to 150
Poor—151 to infinity


No default values apply.

Step 2 To add rows, check the check box for the row above which you want to add a new row and click the Add Rows link.

The new row gets added above the row that you checked, and the check box is cleared.

The rows represent the values that CAR uses to quantify the conditions good, acceptable, fair, and poor in the QoS reports. For each value set, enter the upper and lower limits in the From and To columns.

Note To delete rows, check the check box for the row that you want to delete and click the Delete Rows link.

Step 3 For each value that you have set, choose the Quality of Service.

Step 4 Click the Update button.

Tip To restore the default QoS values, click the Restore Defaults button.

Additional Information

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