Cisco Unified Communications Manager Bulk Administration Guide, Release 9.0(1)
Phones with users
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Phones with users

Phones with users

This chapter provides information about using Cisco Unified Communications Manager Bulk Administration to add a group of users and their phones on a Cisco Unified Communications Manager server in one bulk transaction. You have two options for creating a CSV data file for the phones:

  • Use the BAT spreadsheet (BAT.xlt) and export the data to the CSV format.
  • Use a text editor to create a text file in CSV format (for experienced users).

You can access the Insert Phones with Users option by choosing Bulk Administration > Phones and Users from the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration main menu.

Add new phones with users

Use the following steps to insert phones with users.

    Step 1   To define individual values for each phone/user record that you want to update, create a comma separated values (CSV) data file.
    Step 2   Associate file format with the CSV data file.
    Step 3   Validate phones with users records
    Step 4   Insert phones with users records.

    Add phones with users using the BAT spreadsheet

    Create a CSV data file for adding phones and users in bulk.

      Step 1   To open the BAT spreadsheet, locate and double-click BAT.xlt file. You can download a BAT.xlt file.
      Step 2   When prompted, click Enable Macros to use the spreadsheet capabilities.
      Step 3   At the bottom of the spreadsheet, click the Phones-Users tab.
      Step 4   Follow steps 4 through 10 in Create phone CSV data file using BAT spreadsheet.

      See Table 1 for field descriptions in for adding users in the BAT spreadsheet.