Cisco Unified Communications Manager Bulk Administration Guide, Release 8.6(1)
Validate Import File
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Validating Import File

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Validating Import File

Log Files

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Validating Import File

You can use the Validate Import File page in BAT to validate the import .tar file. You can use this feature to validate the following:

The .tar file includes a header file.

All files listed in the header file are actually present in the .tar file.

All files in the .tar file are listed in header file.

File names are correct (as per the Import/Export convention).

File format for the CSV files in the .tar file is correct.

Note This feature does not include field level validation for valid characters, string length, etc.


Step 1 Choose Bulk Administration > Import/Export> Validate Import File.

The Validate Import File window displays.

Step 2 Select the .tar file name in the Tar File Name field and click Submit.

Note The File Name drop-down list box lists all uploaded .tar files. For information on uploading the .tar file, refer to Chapter 2, "Uploading a File."

A message in the Status section lets you know that the job was submitted successfully.

Step 3 To check the status of the job, use the Job Scheduler option in the Bulk Administration main menu.

Log Files

Multiple log files are created for a single validate import file transaction. One for the overall transaction, and one each for the items selected for import. The log file name is prepended with the item name, to make it easier to identify the logs.

These files can be accessed from the Job Scheduler page.

If there are any problems encountered during validation, these are listed in the log files.

Note The validation procedure is carried out only for the items listed in the preceding section.

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