Cisco Unified Communications Manager Bulk Administration Guide, Release 8.5(1)
Updating the Region Matrix
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Updating the Region Matrix

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Updating the Region Matrix

Populating and Depopulating the Region Matrix

Updating the Region Matrix

The region tables define physical locations, whereas the region matrix tables define available bandwidth within (intra) and between (inter) regions. Use the Region Matrix menu in BAT to populate or depopulate the region matrix.

Populating and Depopulating the Region Matrix

Use the following steps to populate or depopulate the region matrix:

Step 1 Choose Bulk Administration>Region Matrix>Populate/Depopulate Region Matrix. The Region Matrix Configuration window displays.

Step 2 In the Region Matrix Options section, choose Populate Region Matrix or Depopulate Region Matrix based on what you want to do.

Step 3 In the Job Information section, enter a name for the job. This helps you to identify your job.

Step 4 Select Run now or Run later depending upon when you want to run the job.

Step 5 Click the Submit button.

Step 6 View the Job Scheduler window to check the status of the job that you submitted. You can use this window to reschedule the job if required.

Note Unlike other BAT processes, the progress of a job to populate or depopulate the region matrix cannot be measured in terms of records passed, failed, or processed. The results can be viewed only after the entire process is complete.

Note The number of records criterion is not applicable to this transaction.

An administrator can change the region bandwidth defaults, however, this cannot be done through the BAT menu.

Note Choose System>Service Parameters in Cisco Unified Communications Manager to access the region bandwidth defaults. The parameter type specifies Cisco Unified Communications Manager and the four parameters of interest comprise part of the Clusterwide Parameters (System - Location and Region) section.