Cisco Unified Communications Manager Bulk Administration Guide, Release 8.0(2)
Exporting Users
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Exporting Users

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Exporting Users

Exporting User Records

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Exporting Users

When you use Cisco Unified Communications Manager Bulk Administration (BAT) to export user records, the export utility sorts users according to the organizational hierarchy in the database. T

From the Exports Users Configuration window, if Default User Format is selected from the File Format drop-down list box. the export utility only exports the default user device profile that is associated with a user. You must insert the other user device profiles for that user separately by using Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administrator.

Exporting User Records

When you export user records, some users might have a blank PIN because these user records were created prior to Cisco Unified Communications Manager 3.1. If this is the case, you must specify a default PIN before reinserting the user records in the BAT user interface.

Use this procedure to export User records from Cisco Unified Communications Manager.


Step 1 Choose Bulk Administration > Users > Export Users.

The Export Users Query window displays.

Step 2 In the first Find User where drop-down list box, choose a field to query from the following options:

User ID

First Name

Middle Name

Last Name



Step 3 In the second drop-down list box, choose from the following options:

begins with


is exactly

ends with

is empty

is not empty

Step 4 In the search field/list box, enter the value that you want to locate, such as a specific name or User ID.

Note To choose users from more than one department, enter multiple departments in this field. For example, to choose users from departments 12 and 34, enter 12, 34 in the third box instead of performing two operations.

Step 5 You can click the Search Within Results check box and choose AND or OR to add multiple filters and repeat Step 2 through Step 4 to further define your query.

Step 6 Click Find. The search results display.

Note To find all users that are registered in the database, click Find without entering any search text.

Step 7 Click Next.

Step 8 Enter the export users file name in the File Name text box.

Step 9 Choose file format from the File Format drop-down list box.

Step 10 In the Job Information area, enter the Job description.

Step 11 To export user records immediately, click the Run Immediately radio button. Click Run Later to export at a later time.

Step 12 To create a job for exporting user records, click Submit.

Step 13 To schedule and/or activate this job, use the Job Scheduler option in the Bulk Administration main menu.

For more information on jobs, see the Chapter 79, "Scheduling Jobs."

For information on log files, see "BAT Log Files" section on page 80-3.

You can search and download the exported file by using the Upload/Download Files option in the Bulk Administration menu. See Chapter 2, "Uploading and Downloading Files."

Note Be aware that the user ID, PKID, password, pin, and digest credentials columns in the exported file should not be modified under any circumstances.

Additional Information

See the "Related Topics" section.

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