Cisco Unified Communications Manager Bulk Administration Guide, Release 6.1(1)
Migrating Phones
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Migrating Phones

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Migrating Phones

Migrating Phones

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Migrating Phones

Using Cisco Unified Communications Manager Bulk Administration (BAT), you can migrate a group of phones from Skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP) to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

Migrating Phones

Use the following procedure to migrate phones.


Step 1 Choose Bulk Administration > Phones > Migrate Phones> SCCP to SIP.

The Migrate Phones—SCCP to SIP window displays.

Note Migrating an SCCP phone to SIP does not need a manual reset as the migration itself handles the reset of phones.

Step 2 From the first Find Phone where drop-down list box, choose one of the following criteria:

Device Name


Directory Number

Calling Search Space

Device Pool

Device Type

Call Pickup Group

LSC Status

Authentication String


Phone Load Name

Security Profile

Step 3 From the second Find Phone where drop-down list box, choose one of the following criteria:

begins with


is exactly

ends with

is empty

is not empty

Step 4 Specify the appropriate search text, if applicable.

Tip To find all phones that are registered in the database, click Find without entering any search text.

Step 5 To further define your query, check the check box corresponding to Search Within Results Using drop-down list box. You can choose AND or OR to add multiple filters. Repeat steps 2 through 4.

Step 6 Click Find.

A list of discovered phones displays by:

Device Name


Device Pool

Device Protocol


IP Address

Step 7 Click Next.

Step 8 Choose the phone template from the drop-down list box.

Note SCCP to SIP migration will pick up only SIP protocol specific default values from this template during migration. It will not pick any other value from the template.

Step 9 In the Job Information area, enter the Job description.

Step 10 Click the Run Immediately radio button to migrate phone records immediately or, click Run Later to migrate at a later time.

Step 11 Click Submit to create a job for migrating the phone records.

Note After submitting a job for migrating phones from SCCP to SIP, make sure that you reset these phones. Reset phones using Bulk Administration > Phones > Reset/Restart Phones > Query. See "Using Query to Reset or Restart Phones" section on page 11-1.

Step 12 Use the Job Scheduler option in the Bulk Administration main menu to schedule and/or activate this job.

For more information on jobs, see the Chapter 63, "Scheduling Jobs."

For information on log files, see "BAT Log Files" section on page 64-3.

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Migrating Phones

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